Hello Everyone!


[SIZE=4]Hello ladies, Ive been lurking for far to long my wonderful husband finally convinced me to introduce myself. My name is Andrea I’m 25 and was just diagnosed with Pcos and insulin resistance. This is the very start of our long journey it gives me hope seeing all of you.

I have seen my ob she gave me some provera and I have a appointment in two days to decide how were gonna deal with this lovely situation…( im very very nervous) I was so grateful to stumble along this site its comforting to know there are others out there that know how I feel. any words of encouragement or advice on how to cope with this would be appreciated :-)I look fwd to getting to know you ladies [/SIZE]


:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

First of all, let me just tell you that you are in good company!!

Have you seen an RE or are you just using your OB? Have you begun the testing process? Bloodwork, HSG, Semen Analysis? All that fun stuff?

Believe me, its an overwhelming process…but so worth it. It gave me my son, and we are going to be starting again for #2 very soon. Right now, I am just waiting for AF to show up so that I can do my bloodwork and schedule an HSG. It’s over a week late and I’m starting to get aggrivated. Ahh…but PCOS is so much fun…(kidding :))

Good luck and let us know how you make out at the doctor :slight_smile:



Hello AEV13 - many of us are now home with little ones, so we check this forum very infrequently these days. Anyway, just wanted to send you strength and patience as you learn what your journey may entail. Believe it or not, now that I’m overjoyed getting to know my 4-month-old daughter, I have forgotten so much of our fertility journey already. Take good care of YOU!


Thanks ladies! I appreciate you taking time out of your busy days to send some love! I have had the blood work done already they took ten vials from me but im sure theres more blood work in my future my ob is actually a re so no worries there, ive been charting my temp, taking my vitamins and drinking plenty of water along with all the other healthy things to do (even dragging poor hubby to join a gym this month hehehe). one more day of this evil provera and I know I’ll be feeling a bit better…

Knowing that the two women who responded DO have kids after fighting this fight with infertility really makes me happy THANK YOU! I’ll keep ya posted on the drs appointment



Always glad to see new faces and stories! :smiley:


just got back from the doctors office… hubby came with to be supportive.Got my prescription for clomid 50 mg and one for 100 mg for next month if 50 doesn’t do the job I will start as soon as AF arrives (any day now) and talked about putting me on metformin as a next step if the clomid decides not to work Miss doctor lady is hopeful that we might conceive in the next two months. :cross: hubby was excited on the drive home… I hope this works. Hope ya all are doing good ladies!