Hello fellow fertility warriors


Hello fellow fertility warriors. On the suggestion of a good friend, I have started a blog about my fertility journey. I would love it if you’d check it out.


Thank you for all of your support, and sticky dust to everyone!



The variety of medical technologies available today leads many patients to keep trying month after month, year after year. But about a third of women treated for fertility problems will be unsuccessful in having a biological child, and often must make peace with that before they can move on with their lives. Staying realistic can help you make smart choices as you work your way through the emotional minefield of treatment. Take care of yourself by pursuing other interests. Being treated for a fertility problem can feel like a full- or at least part-time job, so it’s important to keep up with some of the activities or hobbies that you enjoy. It won’t be easy, especially if you’re doing something like going in for a blood test every other day, but look for ways to take care of yourself. My doctor at Bio tex recommends that people get a massage, exercise or anything that can offer relief from the focus on fertility treatment. If your old activities are painful, maybe all your friends are parents now, look for new diversions. If hiking sounds appealing, do that. Or take a class in painting, dance, or something else that’s always interested you. And remember, laughter really is the best medicine. See a funny movie, head out to a comedy club, or reread your favorite funny novel.