Hello from a new member


hello dear. how are you? welcome to the group.how is your son? I am so glad to hear about your success story. please do share the whole journey. stories like these keep us motivated. there are many infertile people there. seeking for knowledge and sharing relatable feelings. I pray for all infertile ladies. baby dust to them. it is so nice hearing from you. which clinic did you go to how much time did it took you? tell me all. waiting. lots of love.


Hello Amber098! How are you? Welcome to the forum. Good to read your first post. I can understand hat you have been through. I was in the same situation for like three years. It was tough. I still remember all that pain and pressure. The worst thing was that I didn’t even know the reason. As I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I didn’t know what to do next. But all thanks to my friend. She had her IVF from a clinic in Ukraine. She insisted us to visit the same one. We considered her advice. And now we have our own baby girl. :slight_smile: Love to you and to your DS.


Friends of mine passed surrogacy treatment at Ukrainian biotex clinic 2 yrs ago. Now they’re the parents of a lovely baby girl. We also have best experience with them. It took us 2 shots with donor eggs to conceive our baby#1 (After the previous 2 failed oe ivf cycles). I always keep on saying if plan A fails the alphabet has 25 other letters, right? We all search for the best options. And the most important here is never give up. Never get disheartened because of previous failures. One should remember this might be the longer road than expected. And there’s nothing which can be done about it. We cannot rule on the process. Noone can guarantee you success from the 1st shot or this very year. One should understand this well before applying for any kind of treatment. but in all cases the pain felt cannot be compared to the joy coming. This is why we all are here with our needs/thoughts/experiences/whatever. I cardially wish all of you, lovelies, the best year of entire life, babydust to all of you, brave worriors. Love xoxo


I understand the happiness that you have. I also underwent surrogacy in Bio tex clinic and since then I have really changed. The baby has been my ray of hope. Many women are raised with the assumption that they’ll become mothers someday. From baby dolls to baby showers, girls and women are surrounded by images and expectations from parents, peers, religion, advertising, and the media. For some women, motherhood is an important part of their self-image. For others, it’s their highest ambition. Even women who don’t necessarily want to become mothers are affected by society’s expectations. The pressure to find a partner and raise a family can be enormous, and women who are unable or choose not to can be made to feel as though something must be deeply wrong with them or is sorely lacking in their lives. Also, society often fails to recognize the grief caused by infertility, so people struggling to conceive tend to hide their sorrow, which only increases feelings of shame and isolation.


It often happens that people do not understand the concept of surrogacy and therefore assume it to be some ethereal thing, defying nature and so on. Tell anyone who comes along blaming that it’s a fancy and not a real need that for surrogacy to get approval almost all the countries requires proof that the actual mother is unable to conceive or bear the child full term. So, unless you’re having to deal with clinical infertility you can’t really opt for surrogacy like a spa session… on choice. Don’t fall into the limbo of self-pity out of some mindless and heartless person’s take on you. Stay strong!!