Hello Im new here, Q/A about IUI's


Hello I’m new to this site. My name is Amy. I’m soon to be 35 years old, been married for 2 years, and we have been TTC. I was diagnosed this year with PCOS, and had 2 fibroids. In October I had surg, fibroids removed, and cysts are gone. There is nothing stopping me now! My husband is good to go in the sperm area. I will admit I have a WONDERFUL doctor. Me and My husband are schedule for this Saturday for a IUI. YAY! My LMP was 11/20, and I had a baseline Ultra sound on day 3, started Letrozole that day, for 5 days. Had Ultrasound yesterday ( day 12) My follicles (2 of them) were at a 16mm, Dr said needed to wait a day so they can grow alittle but more, and said I need to trigger shot tonight at 10pm, then Day 15 (Sat) we are having IUI. I just didnt know if anyone else was going through this IUI or has, and had great results! Just looking for some info, any thoughts, suggestions, what are the sucsess rates. Thanks! Amy In Oklahoma!


Hi there,

This is a great place to ask for help or have questions answered. It’s nice because we are all here for pretty much the same thing.

I am having my 4th iui tomorrow. The first one is very exciting. I let my excitement build so much that when I got a negative I had a long way down to fall. It got a little easier with each procedure.

Here are my tips:

  1. Try not to test (home preg tests) before 14 days post iui…you will drive yourself nuts. Mark my words.

  2. Try not to over anaylize every single thing you feel. You are super sensitive right now and the smallest cramp - may or may not mean anything.

  3. Keep busy. The 2ww is what is the worst - try and not consume yourself with the internet and answers. You have to wait - that’s all that it boils down too.

  4. Remember if you get a negative - pick yourself up and get ready to start another cycle. You can do it!

Notice I write “try” in every sentence. This whole process tests will power and patience like nothing I have ever bene through.

I wish you all the best!!!


:welcome: I hope your IUI goes well and you get your BFP! I am in the middle of my 2ww right now after my first IUI. My wait ends on Dec 11, but I don’t know if I can wait that long to test! Merebear made some great points in her post!



Thank You so much for your info! It is so hard to not think, or get so worked up over this, since it is my first IUI. I will be giving myself a trigger shot tonight, any tips? Im scared of needles, and I may have my hubby do it, if he can catch me! Kidding, UGH that is the only part i DREAD is the trigger shot! :eek:


Amy, I am terrified of needles, but the shot wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. I guess I was just so eager to do the IUI that I didn’t care. It didn’t even really hurt much.

I’m in the middle of the wait (I get to test Dec. 14) and it’s the worst! Good luck to you!! :bsv:



Like MereBear said, try to follow her “list”. She is absolutely right! Honestly, the trigger shot should be your least worry. The needle is so thin, I dont even feel it when it goes in. Just make sure when you take the package out of the fridge, to leave it on your counter for 5-10 minutes to warm up a little. Otherwise, the shot it really cold! GOOD LUCK!!



My best advice regarding the injection is to kind of “throw” the needle in, like a dart. The slower you go, the more you’ll feel it. If you do it fast, you won’t feel it at all!

MereBear’s advice was all really good!

If you want to read up on other ladies’ experiences, read through the November IUI thread, and/or one of the December IUI threads. There are a lot of posts, so it might be a little bit overwhelming, but that’s where we go to vent, talk about how we’re feeling, and what we’re going through!


:welcome: Amy,
Good luck to you in your upcoming IUI. I’ve had 2 IUI’s, was pregnant both times, miscarried after the first one. But now I am pregnant again after my second IUI and just praying it holds on. The IUI isn’t really that bad, minor cramping for a minute or two while they are going thru the cervix. The whole thing is pretty quick not more then 3-4 mins. And it is so worth it. As far as the shot, I’m a nurse and I can’t inject myself. lol. I had my hubby do it. It’s a very small needle and you won’t really feel anything

Wishing you :babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust:&:bsv:


I just want to say THANK YOU to [U][SIZE=5][B]all[/B][/SIZE][/U] of you, This Forum is just a blessing to me. It’s so nice to be able to talk and discuss everything with people who truly understand what it is like to go through all of this. You guys are the best. :grouphug:


Hi Amy. Im in Oklahoma also so Im wondering who your DR is. There arent many around our state :wink:

Id say to try to relax and test out your trigger with cheap test. That way, if you get the urge to test before the BETA, you will know that the 2nd line is for real :slight_smile: thats what I did with our IVF. I did not trigger with these IUI’s.
Also, know that it may not happen the 1st time. However, I have seen several peope have success. I just want you to remember that it does sometimes take a few.

Good Luck!!!


I am triggering tonight too - IUI on Saturday morning! Good luck to both of us!!! :slight_smile:

My advice is to not read into any of the symptoms, especially if you are triggering and/or taking progesterone after the IUI. Both months I have felt so many pregnancy “symptoms” and was really disappointed to get BFNs. Now that I look back, I think I’ve learned a lot from the two IUIs - good and bad. I’m on #3 this month and hoping the third time is the charm!!!


MD08- Hi! Yep, Im in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My doctor is Stanley Prough. He is GREAT! Are you in Tulsa also?


East Coast Momma- YAY! Wishing you the best! Its amazing how many people are going through the same thing at the same time! Its nice to meet you! and Keep me posted! Thanks for the advice too! :slight_smile:


Hi Amy,
I had my second IUI done today so I am just entering the 2ww period…so we can follow along together! My best advice for the trigger shot is to ice it for 10mins before hand. That to me helped give myself the needle…however it really doesnt hurt…just a small needle…it’s just getting over the sticking it in. You will do great!
Good luck tonight and tomorrow!


Anyone know how much your chances improve with 2 mature follicles versus just one? I had one follicle last time and was told there was about a 15-20% chance of getting pregnant with IUI and 1 follicle. This time I have two mature follicles and am curious what the % goes up to now that there are two possible targets. I’ve searched high and low online. I’ll see what the RE says tomorrow at my 2nd IUI.


I don’t know how much it improves your chances, but more follies are definitely better!


Amy, Im in Tulsa also! we liked Dr Prough, he diagnosed us with MF but I used Bennet Fertity in OKC. They were ony 500 for U/S and Insem vs the 1200 that Prough wanted to charge us. My friend used prough and got pregnant on her 1st IUI. I hope you have success too :slight_smile:


Eastcoastmama - thanks for the reply. I’m thinking more is always better and I neglected to ask my RE what my chances would increase to but I don’t know that he would have said anything definitively anyway. Best of luck! Ugh the 2WW!


hello. I also had my first IUI this past month on Nov. 29th. 2WW!!! :babydust: :babydust: to all of us!!!


I did my IUI Saturday Morning (12/4), it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, it happen so quickly! Felt about 5 seconds of cramping when they inserted the cath, then they made me wait about 30 mins afterwards. I go back on Thursday to check my Progesterone levels. Then get my results for blood preg test Dec 17th. :pray: