Hello Ladies just an update


Well my life has been some what crazy since I was last on here. We have miscarried twice since August and then were going to adopt a baby that is due in Feb but that had now changed as well. I have started seeing a new OB that is a female who actually had fertility tratments herself in order to get pregnant and she is a God send to me. She is the first Doctor that has finally started running tests on me to see why we keep miscarrying over and over. We now have answers and I am so thankful. I do still have PCOS but we know I do not have thrombophilia. We have conceived on our own each month since August so no more IUI’s for us. I have what she believes is ADA and it is where mine and my husbands DNA are so similar that my body doesn’t know the baby is supposed to be there and is a good thing so my body attacks it. Solution: Prednisone 10mg per day and 1 baby asprin a day. We did follistim this month and as of yesterday CD 10 I had 3 leading follies 12,11 and 10mm. My lining went from 2mm to almost 7. Today is my last dose of follistim 75iu’s and then I will trigger Monday with us having TI. I will


Sorry for some reason that sent early…so anywaye…I will be on crinone 1x a day, baby aprin and prednisone until we find out if Ilm pregnant…then eventually taper off prednisone by 12 w eeks and then I’ll have to stay on baby asprin my whole pregnancy. Congrats on all the BFP’s since I was last on. :clap:


That is wonderful news!! I’m so glad they found what was causing those miscarriages. Good luck with this cycle!


Thanks Ashlee! I see you are :preg: Congrats!!! Yes we are saying our prayers that soon we will be fine and carrying a happy healthy little baby.


I actually put ADA…I meant to say ANA. All of this is a little new to me