Hello, New here and a Lil background



My history-
1 x miscarriage in 2006 at approx 7-9 wks ( Natural miscarriage… no futher issues.

1x tubal ectopic in august 2012 approx 8 wks (Had operation to remove right tube)

Discovered I was pregnant 2 weeks after my Hens night and 2 weeks before my wedding, Was soooo over the moon and was going to annouce at my wedding. That was until i ended up in hospital due to bleeding, they had me sitting in the consult area whilst they ran blood tests ECT… At one stage they said it was Rhesus Factor… Then they told me it was to early to see anything on an ultrasound and basically sent me home with scripts for repeat bloods. Finally the day before my wedding they had me have an Ultrasound done and concluded it was ectopic and that i had 2 choices i either had to have the MEXOTRATHE?? (sorry for spelling) or an operation to remove my tube but basically made it sound like i really had no choice but to have my tube removed ASAP!! as i was approx 8 weeks along… So i went ahead and had my tube removed and got married the next day…

… Jan 2013- under investigation for PCOS (still unconfirmed)

1x Tubal ectopic on Feb 23rd (No operation, my Body "dissolved pregnancy"without assistance) 7 weeks
Below is my HCG levels from recent pregnancy
5 feb- 400
6 feb- 400+
8 feb- 120
15 feb- 56
23 feb 21
26 feb- 0

I started bleeding on 26th of January with what i thought was my period, Only to end up in my local ER due to severe pains/bleeding on 5th of feb (Informed them history and that currently TTC) was given MORPHINE for the pain then they did a pregnancy test which came back positive. HCG/INTERNAL EXAM AND EXTERNAL ULTRASOUND were down and they told me i was miscarrying, was released and informed to return if i had any futher pain or issues.
Returned to ER on 23rd with intense pains, was given ENDONE and FLUIDS. waited till morning to have ULTRASOUNDS- internal and external only to be told i was still pregnant but was in fact an ectopic in my remaing tube.
Was released as an out-patient to the EPAU (EARLY PREGNANCY ASSESSMENT UNIT) Had bloods monitered till HCG reached 0 and heard nothing futher from them.

I found out in my last hospital visit that i had cysts on my ovaries that were possibly the reason for some of the pain and that i also have a wall in my uterus ( I could have gotten pregnant whilst already pregnant)
I was advised to see my doctor and get a referral to see a specialist… This was in Febuary and I only just received a letter from my specialist that im on the waiting list for an appointment… :grr:

Has anyone one else been through similar? or what are your thoughts on this?

I have hope and faith that one day i will get my rainbow baby and I shall never forget my 3 angels…

:wings: :wings: :wings:


For the kids question, I prefer, “Are you hoping to have kids?” I think it’s a better question for anybody, because it’s not pre-insulting the childless-by-choice, and it lends itself to talking more about emotions than the off-putting details of “trying”. Plus, it’s appropriate for anybody no matter how far out they want to have kids, so they can respond however they want. If they just got married, they can say, “Yes, maybe in a few years.” If they’re dealing with infertility, they can say anything from, “We’re hoping, but it’s been hard on us because we’re dealing with infertility”, to, “Yes”. If they’re childless-by-choice, they can say, “No, we’re happy with our family the way it is.” And then if they’re trying right now and excited, they can be as excited as they want to be and tell you all about it if they wish. The key is then not to follow up with something intrusive. The best follow-up is either an “I’m so happy for you” or a “I know you’ll be so excited when the time comes” or a “I’m sorry to hear that; I wish you the best of luck.” I think it’s the best way to start no matter how close you are, but of course if you’re close, you can add a, “Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. Would you like to talk about it?” or "Do you mind if I ask you a question? I’d love to know more about what you’re dealing with."
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