HELP! Any resources to finance IVF treatment in NY?


I’m just coming off of a major loss - in July, I lost my twin angels, Elijah and Isabella. They were the result of my very first IVF treatment and so they truly were my little miracle babies. Prior to that, I’d been paying out of pocket for IUI cycles (I did get a BFP with my 3rd IUI, but I miscarried at 8 wks). Anyway, paying for the IUI’s was an expense to us and with the IVF, my RE was kind enough to put us on a payment plan, which we are just about finished paying off. Although I’m not quite ready to “jump back in the pool” so to speak, I have to start thinking about how we will finance future treatments (I’d like to start trying again as soon as safely possible). Can anyone recommend any resources to help finance IVF treatment in NY, preferably but not limited to Long Island. Also, are there any good resources that help supply and/or finance the cost of fertility meds? In general, do RE’s usually charge the same for an FET as they do for a “fresh embryo” IVF cycle (forgive me, I’m not familiar with all of the terminology) - I have a few frozen embryos so I was just curious. Any information would be much appreciated.


Cost for most frozen cycles is about 1/5th the price of a fresh cycle. If they put you on meds to prepare, it might be closer to 1/4 the price. I have been told close to 2700 for a frozen cycle and with meds 17000 for a fresh.


FET is usually around 3,500$. Some studies show FETs to be more successful than fresh transfers. Best of luck. ♥