Help: BCPs before FET protocol question?


My IVF cycle was canceled due to risk of OHSS & use of the lupron trigger. I begged my nurse to start BCPs as soon as AF came about a week after the canceled transfer date. They didn’t want to because I was getting new insurance so they thought it would take 3 weeks for the new approval but it came within a week :-).

I am CD12 been on BCPs for 7 days (started on day 5 after much begging). The protocol they sent said BCPs for 21 days. WHAT? Why? I want to do the transfer ASAP. Can I take the BCPs for a shorter time? I have 8 frozen embies waiting.

HELP? any thoughts/suggestions/explanations appreciated.


I once took them for about a week just to bring on AF and get synced with a schedule. They may have other reasons like letting your insides rest and get back to normal. I hear you on the ASAP though, especially with the harvest and freeze.


My advice is to just relax and do the 21 days. Why would you want to risk it working in order to transfer one week earlier? Its only one week. And in the scheme of things… well believe me one week is nothing. I thought I would be pregnant right now but now I have to do another cycle, but everything keeps delaying the cycle.


Monarch, Take your time. Don’t rush the doctors or your body. I only say this because while I was going through my IVF cycle (I’ve only done one), my progesterone level spiked and then went back down. My RE said we wouldn’t be able to do a fresh transfer at first, but when it was back down to normal, said we could proceed after I pushed a little. My cycle was unsuccessful. My progesterone was the first thing he brought up at my wtf appointment. Now I’m left to wonder what would have happened if I just would have waited and done an FET instead. At the end of the day, you should do what you feel is right but be cautious rushing this process because you don’t want to be left feeling “what if”…