Help...bleeding during pregnancy


Hi All,
I am 6w1d pregnant today after FETon 8/7/13. After I woke up I had a gush of blood, then it stopped. I am terrified this is a miscarriage. I am staying home today and taking it easy. My nurse said it was ok as long as I didn’t keep bleeding and no cramps, which I don’t have. but it was a lot of blood. Any one experience this before?


UPDATE: Bleeding slowed and now is stopped. Nurse said this is common after FET, and also common with Twins ??? She said it has to do with the Uterus growing and being close to the cervix and the placenta lifting a bit? And best to stay off my feet all day and it will heal and bleeding will stop, and it did! Also she said she is not concerned of a miscarriage as my BETA 4 days ago was “over 4000”. So keeping fingers crossed! U/S isn’t until 09/09/13, and she said no use going in earlier as they won’t be able to see much until end of week 6 which is next Friday. So hoping for the best and praying A LOT!! :pray::pray::pray::pray:


I have no experience with FET…But i did have bleeding with my twins…apparently it is common with twins to have some bleeding. Good luck!