HELP! Fertility Clinic


Hi Everyone, does anyone here already have an experience in this Cyprus ivf centre named Dogus IVF Centre? My friend referred us to this center and we want to confirm if this is a good clinic. I am married for 5 years and not blessed to have our own child and we decided to undergo fertility treatment. My friend told me about this center but still I don’t want to just rely on word of mouth. I did some research about the center and found its online profile here: of course I can see that they are stating all the good things about the center but still I cannot just rely on the information that they have stated I want patient experience. SO I am reaching out to you guys to Please help me about this center or if there is other options for clinics in Cyprus. Thank you in advance!


Unfortunately I have no experience with fertility clinics in Cyprus. Check other threads and posts, if the fertility clinic is reliable, girls will be talking about it. Other popular destinations are Greece, Czech Rep and Poland. I could recommend Invicta fertility clinic in Poland, as three friends of mine did ivf treatment, which was successtul. They stayed satisfied with service, docs and prices.