HELP - FF detected ovulation but no surge and follicle still there


So i went for follow up u/s today (CD 18) and had a 25 mm follicle and 7.1 mm lining. So RE said i am good to go so i will trigger tonight and iui on Wednesday morning. But my FF shows that i ovulated on Friday (CD 15) and marks me at 3 dpo. I am so confused, whats happening. I dont think i already ovulated as i dint catch the surge. Also the follicle is still there. This is so annoying, maybe FF is wrong. and If i trigger while i have actually ovulated, is it safe? Help me girls i am so confused :grr:
My chart link is in my signature.


Do you always catch your surge? I never get one so that is why I trigger. I just started to temp this month so sadly I can’t answer any questions there. Hopefully some one else can chime in…but I’d think all is well if your RE is moving forward… I’ll be :pray: for ya!