Help - freezing question? need to decide today


hi all -

i have to decide whether to freeze 2 ‘out of protocol’ blasts by end of today, per my doc. Just talked to her & i have one blast c/b, and one early blast. Also one pre-blast (called a Mel-something?).
If the blasts were a/a we’d freeze for sure, but she says these don’t meet criteria to survive freeze/thaw. She put 10% chance they’d make it AND become a pregnancy. :preg:

I have to check cost to freeze to make sure we have the $, but I’m leaning towards doing it. we went thru all this & I think its worth a shot of having some snowbabies…because WHO KNOWS? :pray: please send your thoughts/advice/experience.
and thanks for all your +wishes post-ET. I am feeling good.