Help! hpt shows darker at night not FMU?


ok so i gave myself hope when i got a squinter on FRER last night but this am, nothing, stark white!!! HELP!!!


I got darker hpt around 5pm, rather than fmu. I also was a bit worries, but I guess my beta levels seemed to double closer in the evening. Try again later tonight. 10dpo is still very early to get a good line, have you considered trying a digital. I always got accurate results with a digital and didnt have to worry myself about seeing lines or not.


i am a poas addict and with all my other pregnancies i had clear lines that got darker starting at 4dp5dt but this is so confusing.

we had 3 frosties transfered and i am just praying that one was a slow starter. i will test again later tonight.
i have had a chemical and the lines never got darkā€¦hoping this isnt the case again


You need to seriously stop panicking. At this point it is what it is and nothing can be changed. Time will show if its bfn or bfp. We all here in the same boat, waiting, praying and hoping, so please stop pulling blanket on your side and post same questions multiple times.


thank you leksi