HELP!!! I don't know what to do


Hey ladies. This is my first post and I am lost as to what to do…
I started AF Saturday. My doctor prescribed me Clomid 50mg with instructions to take it days 5-9, which mean I would start today (Wednesday).
Well, this morning AF is gone… Not a trace. For once in my life, I am saddend that she is not here. I was hoping to finally start my clomid. I can not get a hold of my doctor.
Do you ladies think it is still to go ahead and proceed to take my clomid? I so want a baby and would hate to wait another month to try…
this is all just a disappointment all together :frowning:


Thank you so much for your quick response. I was almost in tear when I see I ended so soon. This is coming from a girl who can be on it for WEEKS and WEEKS at a time!


I have PCOS…it is regulated when I am on birth control but now that we are TTC they can be pretty whacked.
Either I have extremely long periods or I don’t have one at all.