Help I'm new to this and could use some help


I’m 36 and have had 3 kids on my own when I was younger. Two are living with a great family and one is here with me she is almost 9. Well anyway my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 2yrs no luck. So I had some polyps remove from my uterus and also had stage 1 emetordus(not sure how to spell) removed from one ovary. That was in August. Now I just started taking clomiphene on the 3-7 days of my cycle this month. I went to the dr yesterday and he did ultrasound and blood work. He said there are 2 follicies(good size) and 2 smaller one. They called me back and I’m to give myself the hcg shot on friday at 6-9pm and then have sex on saturday and sunday. I don’t really know where or how to give myself the shot and when would be the best time to have sex for the first time after the shot on saturday. Anyway I have no one to talk to about this. Don’t want my family and friends finding out. Oh and I forgot to add that the dr also said that my uterus is in the wrong postion and I was lucky to have even have any kids at all. But I really would like to have one now that I’m married. Plus I want to be able to give my husband his first child.


Which shot are you taking? If its Orvidrel it will go in the belly about 1 inch from the belly button. Doesn’t hurt at all. If its norvadrel ( im spelling that wrong ) it will go in the hip/upper part of the rear. You’ll need to follow these instructions. How to Give an HCG Injection |

Now when to do the deed… IF your husband has no sperm issues bd the night of trigger, and the next 4 nights. If he has sperm issues bd the night of trigger and then skip a night and to the next day. With a trigger shot you can ovulate anywhere from 24-48 hours after, but research has shown that 36 hours is the most normal time.



It’s Pregnyl and it says for intramuscular injection only.


That the one you do in your hip.


and to the other thing my DH only has a small issue and that is that some of them are slow. Other than that they are fine. Also I was told by my dr that since I’m getting it to myself I could do the shot in my thigh is the right? Also ty for anwsering my question:thankyou: