Help! IVF with Corneill Weill or RMA of NY?


Hi Everyone - Can anyone offer any advice regarding which center is better - Cornell Weill Center for Reproductive Medicine or RMA of NY? I will be proceeding with IVF in October and I am deciding between these facilities.

My current experience has been: Cornell Weill has great medical care, but they are VERY difficult to reach if you have a question or scheduling issue and clearly this is a high touch condition. In addition, because they are a bit scattered, things sometimes slip through the cracks and you have to stay on top of everything yourself.

RMA of NY. Their practice has patient communications down to a science. They don’t seem to be as highly reputed as Cornell Weill, but actually, in looking at the latest SART scores, they rate a bit higher in my age category.

I am so confused…If Cornell Weill were easier to deal with, I’d probably stay with them, but I need to make a quick decision on whether to switch back to RMA. Any thoughts from others? Thank you…


I HATED RMA but NJ location. I switched before I even started a cycle and got a BFP on first try of IVF with Dr Goldschlag at Cornell. I was told by RMANJ that I had less than 1% chance even with IVF-they were so wrong and I have major issues-stage 3 endo/DOR and age. Best of luck but choose wisely.


Hello pregonow - Did you choose a clinic, I am looking into RMA NY as well. I’ve been to Cornell-Weill and had little success even with Dr Goldschlag.