Help! Need a good Sperm Bank for IVF cycle


Hello all, Just wanted to see what experiences you have had with the sperm bank that you used. We are in desperate need to find a good donor sperm bank for our IVF cycle this month. Our original bank which was Zygen has closed its doors and have destroyed all their donor samples including the donor which our daughter is linked to. Ugh… It is a mess. I hope We can find another supreme sperm bank to use quickly. Thank you in advance for your info and baby dust to all!


California Cryobank comes to mind. Doesn’t your clinic have any recommendations?


I used California cryobank during my IUIs and ended up having vials replaced free of charge. Their vials had less sperm in them than what the bank claimed when we purchased them. Come to find out they leave the substandard sperm frozen and continue to sell them hoping people do not question the vials content. So I am very skeptical of this bank… I just wish the Zygen bank was still open since my RE said they are the only bank which we only had to purchase one vial. All the other banks they want two vials to choose from! Ugh… I just do not know what to do now… Thanks for your advice…


Several of us have used Xytex with great success. They are the only bank my RE strongly recommends. We got great counts and fertilization rates! The customer service was wonderful as well!


I will be introducing a Dr. here soon that volunteers with donor donation. Please stay tuned.