Help not sure if im Pregnant


Hello Everyone i have a very weird situation going on and i am not sure if i am pregnant or not… LMP- Feb 21 Clomid days 5-9 first time using Clomid. Normally i have a 27 cycle length. and a 5 day duration. if late (very rarely) its by 1-2 days max. i had a MC July 7, 2011 TTC for 1 year consecutively but 2 years total time of TTC. so after the first round of Clomid (feb 25-mar 1) i was scheduled to get my period Tues. March 19th but had very light spotting Sat. March 23 took a cheap HPT and it was Neg, bled Sun. March 24th, stopped bleeding Monday and Tuesday 25th & 26th then today Wednesday March 27th i am having light spotting again… my doctor gave me 3 months worth of Clomid and she said to start taking it when i start bleeding (which would be Sunday) and to take it on days 5-9 again…which means i should start taking it in the morning…Thursday March 28th i have had multiple pregnancy signs and am scared to take Clomid tomorrow if i am pregnant…i called my Doc and she said it could’ve just been a short period…i think i might be pregnant but i am not sure i just need some opinions quick! :pray: :babydust: :cross:


If the home tests are still negative, I’d say that you’re likely not pregnant, but if you aren’t sure, I’d definitely make sure you ask your doctor for bloodwork before you start taking Clomid again. It’s a bit risky. If you’re taking progesterone, it can make you late and the hormones can change your periods from what your usual flo is. Good luck!


I took another HPT this morning and :bfn: :frowning: so i took the Clomid… DPO is 21 today so if I’ve gotten 2 negative HPT especially 21 days past ovulation then im pretty positive i am not pregnant…my doctor said it could’ve just been Clomid resetting my body…i did a OPk and got a positive and the Comid Challenge test was great my doctor said it reacted very well and all my hormone levels were way up! but i see that you took Clomid and you are now pregnant with a baby boy…Congratulations! please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, i need lots of baby dust this month! :babydust:


Yeah unfortunately clomid tends to screw up cycles. Many women go longer and bleed very little when AF arrives. I have done 3 months now and my periods have pretty much been 1 day of a little more than spotting and spotting for maybe 2 more days :frowning: I got my hopes up the first month but realized this is typical on clomid


Wow see i had no clue i thought Comid was supposed to regulate AF i have always had a regular period and now that i start Clomid it becomes irregular…and yes i definitely got my hopes up this month being 5 days late well now ill know for this month! thank you guys for the help!
and lots of :babydust: to you and your DH

Me: 22
DH: 22

started TTC: March 2011
:bfp: : May 2011
MC: July 2011

TTC: 2 years+

first round of Clomid: Feb 25-March 1 (days 5-9)
lab work for Clomid challenge (feb 23 & mar 2)
:bfn: : march 22
spotting: march 22
:af: : 5 days late urggg. (march 23) lasted one day
march 24-25 no sign of :af:
:af: back march 26 (spotting)
just in case HPT :bfn: march 28

Round 2 of Clomid: March 28-April 1 (days 5-9)


My cycles were always 28 days on the dot before Clomid and now with Clomid they have been all over the place. Anywhere from 30 days to 32 days. Horrible when you are banking on your normal cycle length. I got my hopes up too and bleed very little. Good luck this next month!!! Sending you :bsv: !!


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]Women bleed (AF) less while on Clomid bc the lining of the uterus tends to be thin. Clomid thins the lining which is not good for implantation. I think this is why progesterone is prescribed to women taking Clomid? Either way make sure you are using OPK, preferably the Clear Blue Smiley face ones and also buy some preseed. Best wishes for a BFP soon! [/SIZE][/FONT]


wow that’s crazy i wish i would’ve known Clomid causes all of this…i mean i loved only having :af: visit for one day haha but i for sure thought i was pregnant when i was 5 days late! and yes i am BBT charting and doing OPKs! and yes i looove preseed!

but you guys said something about progesterone being prescribed while on Clomid…my doctor didnt put me on progesterone with this Clomid and she is going to keep me on Clomid for the next 5 months (6 months total)


This is an oversimplified explanation since I’m simple - but I think it’s pretty accurate from my limited understanding of these things.

Clomid works because it blocks estrogen, maturing follicles produce estrogen, so blocking it makes your body think you’re not growing any follicles so it pumps out more FSH to try to get those suckers to grow. However, estrogen is what makes your lining all plump and fluffy, so for some, clomid results in a thinner lining than is optimal for implantation. In those cases, sometimes they’ll prescribe estrace/estradiol (estrogen) to counteract the lining thinning effects of the clomid.

I get a little fuzzy here, but for women who don’t ovulate on their own, once you stop the clomid and you’ve got follicles growing, the estrogen they put out triggers the LH surge so that you ovulate.

Progesterone is for after ovulation to maintain the lining.


wow thank you for the information! so do you think i am having a light period because of the Thin Lining?! and you said a thin lining is not optimal for implantation… how will they know if my lining is too thin? yeah my doctor hasn’t given me estrogen or progesterone…just Clomid and Prenatal Vitamins


Mine did ultrasounds to check the lining thickness. When I did clomid, my lining was like 4.2 (a minimum of 8 is what my RE likes to see), so they had me do estrace which plumped it up overnight to 6.3 – but that’s still too thin (we did the IUI anyway, no surprise that it was BFN). However, I’m old and it’s generally women of advanced maternal age that have the thin lining problem.