Help Ovarian response with IVF - DHEA?


I am 39 and have tried 3 IUI’s and 1 round of IVF. My AMH is 4. Each time the drugs only help create 1-2 mature eggs. With IVF they used the Flair Protocol and there were 4 follicles showing on the scan and then when it came to retrieval they only found 1 of these - 1 egg?!! This then didn’t fertilise properly so it was taken no further. I agree it does only take 1 however… I have since read that that taking 75mg of DHEA for 12 weeks before trying a IVF cycle helps improve the ovarian response has anyone else tried this?


Hello, I don’t have any personal experience of my own to share with improving quantity, however I have been looking for ways to possibly increase egg quality in recent months. In all of my research, I have seen lots about DHEA not only helping the quality, but supposedly helping with the quantity as well. Some others that I have noticed help with quantity are Royal Jelly with bee pollen and propolis, and also CoQ10. I am taking all of these in hopes of helping my own quality, but everytime I read up on them, I have seen information about them improving the quantity also, especially the Royal Jelly. Also, when I asked my RE about anything I can do to increase my own quality, she gave the disclaimer that of course they aren’t officially FDA approved, but there was a large study tying up that showed significant hope with DHEA and CoQ10 for both quantity and quality. She didn’t know anything about Royal Jelly, but I have read lots that it has worked for many women with POF, DOR, unexplained, and a number of other diagnoses. There are a lot of other supplements people suggest, but I have found the most info to back up these 3. Best of luck to you, supposedly that DHEA does have a bit of solid research to back it up -somewhere I did see it is most effective when taken for 3-5 months prior to egg retrieval (long term use is not recommended). Just a note, I am not sure if you have any health issues but it does impact your blood sugar metabolism so there are certain people who shouldn’t take DHEA or some of the other supplements (those allergic to bees shouldn’t take the Royal Jelly, etc…). I just wanted to let you know about the others in case you were looking for other measures to help quantity. :babydust:


Royal Jelly, DHEA + book reading…

Hi SweetPeony thanks so much for our reply it is really encouraging to feel part of this quest to have success by all helping each other. I had read at the weekend about Royal Jelly. Just reading The Fertility Code by Dermot O’Connor on my kindle which is a very interesting read. Not finished it yet but will post more findings plus once I have spoken with my doctor this week. Best of luck to you.


Hi Sunnyside, I agree, this forum really does allow us to share our knowledge and experiences to help fill in some of the questions we can’t seem to answer ourselves. Of all of the forums I have visited, this one is by far the best IMO. I hadn’t heard of The Fertility Code, but it sounds like it would be a great book.

I pulled up a little info on DHEA, and thought this link from CHR would be a good one to post here. It gives some straightforward information, has some other links to look through on their site, and is also a good springboard for looking up some other topics through Dr. Google:nerd: (The reputable sources are nice, but I also like to read about true experiences from people who have been there and aren’t concerned about editing for reputational or other reasons).

DHEA Fertility Treatment for Women with Infertility :: CHR

I hope your doc visit goes well!