Help please! question regarding thawed blast


I just had my second FET today with my last two frozen blasts. Both blasts were day 6, I think, and rated 5BA and 5BB.

However, the thaw process did not go all that well. The 5BB seemed to have somehow hatched completely out of its shell, and they gave it only a 40% cell survival rate after the thaw, so I don’t have much chance with that one. The other 5BA blast lost some cells, but by the time they did the transfer they said it had about a 60% cell survival, and it looked to be reexpanding. This too, seems not that great to me, but at least it was showing signs of life.

(My last FET was a 4AA with 100% cell survival and a 3BB with 70% cell survival. I did get pg but miscarried at 8 wks due to chromosomal abnormalities.)

Anyone see success stories with a situation similar to this?? It’s my last chance before I go to another fresh cycle, which I really do not want to do, frankly, as I am super tired of all this!! :o

Hope to hear from someone – thanks!!


Hi SuperNightOwl -

I hope you get a better response than mine, but here’s what I know…

  1. look at the thread in this FET board at the top called ‘List Your FET Successes Here’. I found some helpful info re thawing and success in there just by reading through quality grading and successes.

  2. My last thaw was with 2 X 4BB, both had 10% cell death, but had only expanded 60%. What I’m a little confused about is - If it hasn’t re-expanded fully in a given window of time, is it alive?

I have a transfer coming in June and I will be asking more questions of the embryologist this time around. I honestly didn’t know what to ask last time.

good luck! and babydust to you!



Much sticky vibes to you…and actually, good news. Hatched blasts are actually a GOOD thing. One reason for IVF failures is if the embryo is unable to hatch. A hatched embryo just has one less roadblock. It is also a good sign of healthy embryo if it was able to hatch. Collapsing and expanding is a natural process in blasts too and how they break through the zona to hatch. With blastocysts, 50% is not an uncommon number for cell death. Mine were both around that and both were collapsed. Both stuck! They were AA and AB blasts.


Thanks so much for the replies!!

Silverbrumby, that is great news to hear. I had two hatched blasts, but the one that had completely come out of its shell only had 40% cell survival, they said. But what you said for the other one which had 60% cell survival gives me some hope. This was all very disappointing as I had such a good thaw for my last FET.

I had some interesting cramps the evening after the transfer, but only for a few hours. The cramps have been gone since yesterday, so I have no idea what to think. I’m hoping there might be a chance, as my lining was apparently AWESOME, but if the little emby hadn’t survived enough to be able to regroup and grow, then certainly we are SOL.

Also, since my clinic does not do PGD, the one surviving embryo might not even be chromosomally normal. This is what happened last time when I made it all the way to 8 weeks – SO heartbreaking!! If I do another fresh cycle, it will be with PGD all the way – never again with this “flying blind” business since I am almost 40 now, and never thought I’d get to this age without having a child. They tell me that, even though I had 23 eggs retrieved on my fresh cycle, the likelihood is that 0-2 of them would produce normal embryos.

I’ve also been in touch with a new doctor who will give me growth hormone along with the stim meds before the retrieval process, which is supposed to greatly improve the chance of getting normals!!

Cheers to all,


I just wanted to say I am rooting for you and your embabies and will be watching for your bfp!:bsv:


Lots and lots of :bsv: your way!!

I had this odd cramp/tugging/pulling feeling the day after the transfer and the tiniest bit of brown spotting. Then the next day I felt so tired, like I’d been hit by a train! I actually tested at 4dp5dt and got a bfp. I just knew. Those little twingy cramps were definitely a good sign for me. I had them right at the beginning and pretty much the whole first trimester as the implantation progressed and then the round ligaments began their stretching.


I really didn’t think I could get a BFP from this cycle but now I think there may be a small chance. With previous BFPs, I didn’t feel much at all at first, but then about 5-6 days after the transfer I had spotting with pretty intense cramps both times.

This time I’ve only had the cramps at about 30 hours after the transfer – they lasted a few hours but were gone when I woke up the next day. Coincidentally (or not?) my boobs started getting pretty sore about a day later. So… guess I just have to wait and see. I will probably test tomorrow or the next day.

Waiting sucks!

Oh – and BinIL – how are you doing?? I’m glad to see things have progressed for you so well!! :clap:


Sounds hopeful! I can’t wait to hear how your testing goes! Post back to this thread! You give me hope!


I got too antsy and POAS a few minutes ago. I can’t say for sure, but I think there is a teeny tiny faint hint of a second line on my FRER. If it is really there, I can barely see it. Guess I’ll have to do another tomorrow!

Fingers crossed!


:cross: :clap:


A line is a line, right? Even if it’s faint?

If so, I have a line. Beta on Friday. Can’t believe it.


CONGRATS!! Praying that it is a sticky BFP!


OMG! Awesome!!! Congrats!


Checking back in – looks like I may have a chemical. The line seems to be gone! And I’ve been cramping contstantly for 2 days. Agh… counting the minutes til tomorrow AM.


Don’t give up! Your urine may have been less concentrated, or the test accuracy may have been slightly different. An early BFP can go back and forth depending on what test you use and what time you test. Just hang in there.



Oh well… maybe next time, with hopefully better embryos!


What? Oh, no. I’m sorry. It sounds like you have a good attitude, but I know how hard it is. Hang in there.