Help please


Hi girlies

I have recently just been back to my fertility specialist for a second time.

First time:

Pcos diagnosis with lots of tiny cyst
6 rounds of clomid all no ovulation.
Hormone results poor with high levels of testosterone.

Second time:

Hormones have returned to normal levels
scan showed no cysts
prescribed metformin and weight loss
Ovarian drilling being performed once i get half a stone off.
First period in 8 years started on the 25th of May/ none since

Right here are my questions.

Where have the cysts went?
Why have i not had another period?? (took umpteen pregnancy tests)
What are they gonna drill if there are no cysts on scan??
Will the Metformin make any difference?

sorry for the long post lol been ttc since July 2006 so basically i have been confused for 7 years and need some support.

to add i am overweight (or more like obese) BMI 33.4



Dear Loggie,

I’m so sorry for not being able to answer all of your question right now; however, i can try to seek some advice from the doctors at my clinic!

Just wonder why you have to use Metformin at that time, did you have any problem with diabetes before?

Was it really well-controlled?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback…
Take care,


YOu didn’t ask your doctor all these years?