Help! Progesterone dropped WAY down


Hi Ladies,
I haven’t posted much, but this place has helped me through 3 years of fertility treatments. I finally moved on to IVF in July and got my first :bfp: !!! So excited, but cautiously optimistic at this point. My first beta was great at 86 with progesterone at 31.7. Went two days later and my HCG was 313, but progesterone had dropped all the way down to 6! RE upped my Endometrin to 3x per day instead of 2 and I don’t go back in for more blood work for another week. I’m so concerned that I’m going to miscarry. Anybody have any insights for me?


Is endometrin something you insert (like crinone) or is it an injection? The progesterone suppositories do NOT show up in bloodwork.


I agree u won’t see much of a change with a vaginal insert many REs don’t even test if you arent on injections bc its not really absorbed into your blood


Endometrin is a suppository. So, I’m trying to stay positive that it is doing it’s job, but with it being so high one day and then 2 days later it dropped so drastically it concerns me. The one thing that is keeping me positive is that my beta more than tripled.