HELP!! Question~


I have a situation that I need advice on! We are doing a FET scheduled for the 10th. We were supposed to start our PIO with

.25 cc on thursday
.50 cc on fri
.75 cc on sat and from then on

Heres the problem. My hubby was inj me, and didnt realize how hard he had to push to make the PIO go in, so he gave me my shot on thurs and then last night. When he was done last night he handed me the needle, and I saw that there was still PIO in it, so I freaked out. I asked him and he said he pushed, and thought it was all in, so he regives me the shot, and realizes how hard he has to push. Then I look through the trash for thurs shot, the .25 cc was still in the syringe!! So I never got my first dose.

Normally this would not be a problem, but we live very far away from our transfer place, and Ive already bought flight info for our family, and I would have to change all that to the tune of 1k. So my question is- has this happened to anyone else, and were things ok if you missed a shot? in particular your first one?!?

Next I was wondering if all clinics have their patients on 6 days of PIO before the transfer or are some less and still get success?

This is my clinics protocol

1st day of cycle, start Estrace 1 a day x 2 mg
4th day estrace 2 times a day
8th day of cycle 3 times a day from then on

Us on day 15 to check lining, if lining is above 8 start PIO on like 17th day and 6 days later have transfer.

So i would only have 5 days of PIO before transfer.

Needless to say I am freaking out.

Any advice would be good. thanks in advance.

btw-I dont want to call the clinic cause they will make me move it back a day, and if I dont have to I dont want to!:pray:


Kristakelli- (Posted on Nov. FET too)
My advice is to just up the dose amt. you give yourself tonight. It’s not a big deal. In fact I was on 1 to 1 1/2 cc’s the whole time. Too much progesterone is not a problem, but not enough can be. The PIO is thick. I am going to post some tips for you, such as warming the syringe by wrapping it in a heating pad for a few minutes prior to injecting. This helps thin the oil a little bit, making it easier to go in… also, your DH has to inject the syringe slowly. Then upon removing, massage the oil in at the injection site, so you don’t get lumps. I also used a heating pad on my injection site after shot, for about 5-10 minutes. Hope this helps. Your initial amt. of PIO seems so little to me, I don’t think it will interfere with anything if you just do a higher dose tonight, like even a whole 1cc. (to cover the amt. not injected) Of course I am not a M.D./RE but this is what I would do, and I have sadly done this several times!

Good Luck!


I don’t have any great advise so sorry ahead of time. I would say just up your dose by that amount for today…

I am starting my progesterone injections of just 50mg/1cc, on Tuesday 12/07, and my transfer is on Sunday 12/12…so I am taking it one less day then you anyway… Hoping one day won’t throw you off!

I have 6d blasts…(but I believe they are treating just like 5d blasts… not sure if there should be a difference…)

I think it will be okay… we are here for you!


I’m only doing 5 days of PIO injections, starting with 1ml on the first day then 2mls on the next 4 days. You should be okay. Sending prayers up for you:pray:


Thanks guys for the replies!! I am on 100mg/ml so I am supposed to be taking 75 mg of PIO a day. So I think Im just gonna up it to 100!

I feel better now!!:flower:


I wouldn’t up any doses without talking to your RE first. I think you should be fine though, you still have enough time (until the 10th) to get that progesterone in your system.