Help....searching for DE


Hello to everyone, my DH and I were told a week ago that we would have to use DE if we wanted to consider conceiving. It was a bit of a shock because we just conceived naturally in October. We lost the baby in December. My OB/GYN put me on Clomid to ‘speed up’ the process and he was hoping we would conceive on our own. No such luck. We went to an RE here in Jacksonville and he said that because of my age (45) it was just not likely I would get pregnant on our own. He suggested using DE. He said that they have a list of donors that he uses but they do not show adult photos of the donors, only childhood photos. We have been searching around on the Internet for DE. It feels like I am surfing dating websites :frowning: I hear a lot of ladies talking (on this forum) about the successes using RBA. Can anyone tell me what their experiences were with them or with another DE site called Creatine Love? It is all so confusing. Any assistance would be very helpful. Thanks…


Hi there,

yes, you will find that many clinics will not provide you with much information. Check out CHR in New York City. They have an amazing pool of donors, most of them have profiles online, some with videos.

Good luck!