Help! Timing of IUI.


This is our first IUI and my LH surge came a day earlier than I expected. But now it causes a major problem. DH worked a 48 hour shift so it has been since Tuesday evening since I have “seen” him. Now we are doing the IUI tomorrow at 9am. What should we do? Its either going to be 80 hours of sperm production (which is bad right???) or only 12 hours. I was so excited earlier today now I feel like this cycle was wasted because of bad timing!:grr:


No, I think that should be fine!! My RE says 2-5 days of abstaining, so you’re within that timeframe. Best of luck!!


Really? I thought it was 24-48 hours but not longer than 72. Ok well I will try not to stress about it. Hopefully it still works. Thanks!


Maybe he took care of it himself anyway if he hasn’t seen you! Hee hee.


Ha ha no… Because he was at work. But doc said 80 hours was fine. And it must have been because he had 165 mil motile fraction!


:clap: That’s great!! Best of luck and :cross: it works!!