Help translating


Hoping to find a kind soul with good English language skills

We are a couple from Scandinavian (Denmark)
Unfortunately we have been through an unlucky course of treatment

Now we are going to send a letter to the foreign clinic where the we have our treatment

It is very necessary that this letter was worded in a good English which does not give rise to misunderstandings or suchlike

We have tried the best we could to worded the letter in English, but we would be very glad if a kind soul would like to see it through (one side) and maybe makes a few corrections

IF so - you can write to us at [email protected]

Thanking you very much in anticipation


Lisan… you got mail :nerd:

And thanks again


[quote=Barb-E]Lisan… you got mail :nerd:

And thanks again[/quote]

Check your inbox.
Keep me posted ok?
Take care. :slight_smile:



Thanks again -also for the supporting words
We think this will do