Help using the new forum format


How do I make the forums show me the oldest posts first like the old version did?


The format was changed to show the newest posts first after many requests from members


How many people do we need to request changing it back? Or having you go to the first new unread post? Or having the comment box be at the end of the unread posts?


We had so many requests and complaints to make the newest posts show first in the order so we did just that, per user request. It will likely not be reverted.


That’s such a bummer. The real problem for me is the comments. Is there a way for me to make my settings show comments to posts “in-line” like regular posts? Meaning show it as its own post, sort of? Having newest posts first is okay if all I have to do is scroll one way, UP, to read all my unread posts AND associated comments. However, since comments show up inside and below the original post, I have to scroll up, read the post, scroll back down to read the comments, then scroll back up (past comments for the next unread post) to read the next unread post. After I do that, then I have to scroll back down to read the comments for that next unread post that I passed scrolling up. Up, down, up, down, up, down… dizzying really. Reading the forums has now become an unnecessarily unpleasant experience for me. If I could customize my own viewing to have oldest posts first, then I would have only ONE way to scroll - down. If there are any, I would appreciate any suggestions that can help me with customizing my personal viewing experience to meet my needs. Thanks.


Ok, looks like something I did while playing around with settings worked. The “Stream View” doesn’t put comments under the original post. Whew! Thank goodness. I was almost ready to quit. Hopefully this helps someone else who needs to know.