Help, want to give comfort to my cousin


I have very little experience with miscarriage. I am familiar with loss and baby death, just not miscarriage. My dear cousin just suffered her third miscarriage in the last two years. She found out today and the only people she told about this particular pregnancy were her parents and me. She told me because I’m familiar with loss and have always been supportive of her. I was wondering if any of you ladies who have been in her shoes would have a suggestion on something I can send her next week to show our condolences?? I so want to take her pain away as I’m sure many have wanted to do for me, but since I can’t I wanted to come up with something tangible she could remember she is loved and thought about.


I am sorry to read about your loss and your cousin’s loss and congrats on the birth of your baby. I don’t think there is anything that can take the pain away but maybe just a card would be nice to let her know you’re there if she needs to talk or go out and do something. I had several chemical pregnancies, all i wanted to do was cry and be alone after each one happened.


I would suggest sending her flowers. While we know no words can make her feel better, seeing something beautiful might remind her she is not alone.

Good luck!


My SIL sent me a Willow Tree figurine called Angel’s Embrace. Here is a link so you can see it.

I do believe they are sold in most Hallmark stores. I have to admit though, when I opened this package I cried. It was very thoughtful and I have it displayed in my bedroom, but the thought of my baby being in God’s hands is always painful.