Help, whats the next step


Ok here goes, if you will bear with me I will try to get my whole history for completions sake. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what the next step is as I can not seem to get satifactory answers from my doctor.

1996 - Went on Depo Provera, someone said it makes :af: go away and the sister at the clinic didn’t tell you the risks or dangers. The sister even came to school to give the girls their injections. :af: stayed away and I thought I had reached my goal. I didn’t want to get married or have kids at this stage.

02/2008 met DH
03/2008 DH moved in, we knew it was ment to be
03/2008 last Depo shot as we were planning to get married and if a kid came before the wedding it was the way it was suppose to be.
09/2009 married DH
05/2010 gyne put me on Glucophage but only said it would help with weight loss
05/2011 went back to Gyne and he said to carry on taking the glucophage
01/2012 was sick of taking pills and asked a fertility specialist why my gyne put me on them. He diagnosed PCOS with insulin resistance. Carried on with Glucophage and FS recomended a high protein low carbohidrate diet.
04/2012 started on diet, FS said not to lose more than 30kg in one go as you need to give your skin time to contract.
09/2012 l lost 30kg and according to the FS needed to stop for 6 monthes.
04/2013 need to start on diet again as I need to lose another 30kg

The doctors in SA keep telling me that before they will put me on anything I need to lose 60kg and keep the weight off for 1 year and the way to do it is with this high protein diet. I have however read that protein makes your CM very acidic which creates a hostile enviroment for sperm to live inand they only live for 4 hours and not 4 days as they are suppose to.

Now even though we may want to, DH and myself can’t have sex every 4 hours as we both work …lol…

The FS says I sould change jobs as I have a very stressful job and he doesn’t think that the stress is helping. Who in todays world can just change jobs?

I need help, what is the next step and is there something I can take to get my CM less acidic?

The doctors here are :grr:

DH is becoming worried that he is getting too old, as he always says he doesnt want to be 60 when his kid goes to college.

Please help…


I say you find a different specialist. What diagnostic tests have they done? Are you ovulating, hormone levels throughout cycle…

I’m 295lbs(134kg) and our RE is treating us. He strongly encourages weight loss but doesn’t demand you be a certain weight for treatment. As u can tell from this site woman of all sizes can conceive just some of us need some extra help.

Find a new specialist who will look beyond weight and find the actual road block. Good luck sweetie:cross: For u!!!


south africa

In South Africa you struggle to find a sprcialist who doesnt look at your weight. i am now down to 87kg and have seen about 5 specialists who all say the same thing, i have to come down to ± 60-65kg before they will give me anything as all the products have weight gain as a side effect.

I am really so :grr: that we dont know where to turn anymore.

If someone knows of a good specialist in South Africa Western Cape please send me the details, we are in tears after every appointment as we get no answers.

:bsv: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :cross: hope you get the answer you want