Help with semen analysis would be great


hi there, my wife and i have been trying for 15 months now. went to an urgent care doctor for a cold she was having and it got brought up that we were trying for 15 months so the dr sent us for a semen analysis. since he was not a fertility dr he didnt really explain the results to us, just said it wasnt impossible to have a baby but will be hard. can someone explain these to me?
what is my sperm count? (like how many million?) i dont understand difference between sperm concentration and sperm count could someone help with that? do these results look ok, is it possible that we can conceive or are they too low to conceive? any help would be greatly appreciated.
i am 31 yr old, never done drugs or smoked, dont drink, in fairly good shape. wife has a daughter from previous relationship.

liquiefaction : normal
appearance : normal
semen volume: 2.5 ML (normal is 2.0-5.0ml)
viscosity: normal
sperm motility: 43% (normal >=50%)
sperm concentration: 10.4 ml ( normal >=20) unit (x10 ^6 ml)
total sperm count: 26.0 (normal >=40) unit (x10 ^ejac)
sperm normal forms 44 (normal >=60%)


From what our doctor told me - semen analysis gets an idea of count, motility, and morphology.

Morphology is the most important.

If count is low or motility is bad, they do ICSI.


From the way I understand it, your sperm count would be 26 million. This refers to the total number of sperm cells collected in the semen sample. Sperm concentration is the number of sperm relative to the volume of the semen collected. I believe this is a more important measurement that correlates with male fertility. In your case, since you had 26 million sperm cells in 2.5 ml semen collected, that computes to a concentration of 10.4 million per ml. There are normal values for these measurements that relate to a man having a better chance of impregnating. Your semen volume is normal but the concentration is on the low side, so this would presumably affect your ability to impregnate. The other parameters also could be better. These are the sperm motility and sperm normal forms, which are both below normal according to your test results. I think you should consult someone who is more specialized in dealing with male fertility problems if that would be possible. He should be able to give you better advice about this.


Do you know what guideline your sample was tested against? If it was the “Kruger strict Criteria”, then the numbers tend not to look so good. I’ve had my semen tested by 3 difefrent clinics, and the numbers varied dramatically. Yes there are lots of factors why numbers will vary, but the two clinics that didn’t use Kruger as their guideline had much better numbers. Lots of fertility clinics are dumping the Kruger guideline. The first clinic I went to told me ICSI would be the only way… while the other two said I was fine for natural conception.

If this is your first sample… you may need to practise. The first time you give a sample, one may feel lot’s of pressure and worry. Letting your brain worry or “think to much” will affect everything. I’ve talked with other guys in the same situation who also felt the same way. Giving a sample is not a “Romantic” situation. There is pressure there…and that does not help.