My husband and I have been tring to coveive for over a year with no luck. I am 35 years old and my husband through a semen analasis just found out he has a low sperm count. I just am worried that i will never be able to conceive because of my age and with hubby’s low sperm count.


How low? What was motility and morphology? The good news is that there are some pretty effective options for low sperm count.


me too

hi there - i know the feeling. dh & i are both 33, and i have pcos. we have not used any sort of bc for the last 4 yrs and no bfp or even a false bfp. dh just had s/a done last week & results came back w/ a low count of livable sperm. r/e recomended a urologist & gave some tips such as a multivitamin w/ zinc for him - cut back on alcohol & smoking if he does, excersise & eating better, boxers not briefs, watch if he’s in extreme heat (try to limit exposer) also mentioned stress and to make sure enough time passes between ejaculations. he also said between that & my pcos that he would recomend getting started right away w/ chlomid & the iui, and not trying ourselves for the 1st few months like we wanted to. so i’m just waiting for af & then need to get a sonogram & hopefully get started on this by Dec. r/e feels pretty confident even w/ those issues that the iui’s will work.
i know its a tough road filled w/ stress and emotions but don’t let it get the best of you. try to think positive (i know it’s easier said then done, dh sometimes calls me debbie downer haha) and when it does happen for you it will be even that much greater!!!
good luck!!


DH’s count was on the low side and I was were 35 when we went to the RE for testing, he was 48. His motility and count were on the low side, I have several problems that kept me from conceiving without assistance.

DH started the almond mix (a snack mix of nuts/seeds supplemented with anything with Vitamins A, C, and E) and I started clomid+PCO diet.

DS was born when I was 36, DS2 will be born in Nov and I am 38. 35 is not a magic dividing line that says you cannot have healthy babies. Yes, it’s natural to feel that your time is running short but I’ve been told by several people ‘in the field’ that ‘Oh, you’ve got plenty of time if you want to have a third. We have ladies in here at 45 with healthy pregnancies, it’s all about taking care of yourself!’. The key is getting the right kind of help. See the RE, do the tests, follow the instructions you’re given. It’s hard to not give up, but you can do it!

Good luck! :babydust: