Herbal Teas?


It’s getting cold outside - which for me means time to bust out the teapot. However, I’m not sure if there are types of tea or herbs that I should watch out for while undergoing infertility treatments? I have Celestial Seasonings and Lipton brands, and want to make sure I don’t drink anything harmful to the process. I did just buy some Green Tea today, I know my RE has mentioned that is good for infertility.

Any feedback you ladies have would be great! Thanks.


You’ll want to stick with caffeine-free, but other than that, I’m not sure!


I’ve been drinking the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, which is supposed to help with my lining and “tones the uterus.” I’m waiting to hear back about my lining today, but I think the nurse said it was just over 6, which isn’t any better than last month. I am drinking three cups a day of this stuff, I hope it’s working at least a little bit!!!


Here’s some good info I found on which ingredients to avoid…looks like I can still have plenty kinds of tea.

Herbal teas during pregnancy | BabyCenter