I put this in the Herbs and Alternative Medicines section, but it doesn’t seem to be super active over there…so I am putting it here too…

Hi All…

My husband and I have decided to move onto adoption, but I figure there is still no harm in trying on our own even though I know it’s a shot in the dark.

I have been taking Chasteberry for a little over a month and I definitely have noticed a positive change in my cycle. I went to an herbalist last week and he wants to put me on a cocktail, but we just cannot afford everything he wants us to do. I found a website that tells me the herbs that should be taken for the different phases of your cycle, but I cannot find where to buy them. Everywhere I find online you need to input your license number… Chiropactor, TCM, RE…etc. Obviously I have none of those.

Does ANYONE know where I can buy chinese herbs online without having to be a medical professional or herbalist? None of these are available at like a GNC, Vitamin SHoppe…etc. I have tried Fruitful Yield and they don’t have them either.

Thanks in Advance!