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Hi All…

My husband and I have decided to move onto adoption, but I figure there is still no harm in trying on our own even though I know it’s a shot in the dark.

I have been taking Chasteberry for a little over a month and I definitely have noticed a positive change in my cycle. I went to an herbalist last week and he wants to put me on a cocktail, but we just cannot afford everything he wants us to do. I found a website that tells me the herbs that should be taken for the different phases of your cycle, but I cannot find where to buy them. Everywhere I find online you need to input your license number… Chiropactor, TCM, RE…etc. Obviously I have none of those.

Does ANYONE know where I can buy chinese herbs online without having to be a medical professional or herbalist? None of these are available at like a GNC, Vitamin SHoppe…etc. I have tried Fruitful Yield and they don’t have them either.

Thanks in Advance!


In fact, the use of herbal remedies for infertility have been used since 200AD, and these herbs are made from fruits, bark, leaves, roots, and flowers. They either come in tablet form, pills, tincture or in teas. These herbs have been shown to have a positive effect on the hormonal system, libido as well as reproductive organs. If libido is poor, then sex won’t happen, and that means there will be no chance of creating the baby that you have been wanting to create. So you have to have all 3 above in proper working order so that you can conceive. Fertility herbs are extremely helpful for helping to regulate menstrual periods as well as hormonal imbalances that disrupt ovulation and are helpful to male fertility as well. Let’s first take a look at what fertility herbs are helpful to women. My doctor at Bio tex also recommended these to me. These remedies may work quite well together, combined as well. However, before you go and buy these herbs, you need to see a naturopathic doctor or a doctor that specializes in Chinese or alternative medicine. A medical doctor will not prescribe herbal remedies for infertility. Not to mention, medical doctors will not treat couples who have been attempting to conceive for less than a year unless there is a known issue that is causing infertility.