Here we go again....


Did 5 days of Clomid, Bravelle last night and Tuesday AM is day 12 testing. Trigger shot on one of the next few nights.

IUI will be this week and then the dreaded 2WW.

Anyone else about to start an IUI round this week?

Best wishes and luck to all of us!



Best of luck to you. Sending you :bsv: and :babydust:


i feel you…

[quote=SashaJo]Did 5 days of Clomid, Bravelle last night and Tuesday AM is day 12 testing. Trigger shot on one of the next few nights.

IUI will be this week and then the dreaded 2WW.

Anyone else about to start an IUI round this week?

Best wishes and luck to all of us!


hey! i am also getting ready to go for my IUI. i have to take 5 more days of clomid (the 1st dosage didn’t work) & go for my u/s on Sat. most likely i will trigger on Sat night & go for IUI on Mon, that’s what happened for our 1st iui. and then i’ll be in the 2ww right next to ya!

keeping :cross: for all of us!!!

:babydust: :bsv:


had my iui on 4/10

I’m in my 2ww period… only been 2 days and I’m already going crazy. I never joined one of these sites until yesterday. figured I needed some company especially if it doesn’t work and I get the dreaded :af:

lets hope we all get our :bfp: this cycle! I will find out around the 25th


Off to the races…

Doc said I’m good to go for trigger shot tonight. DH has an appointment with his right hand on Thursday AM and I have an appointment with the turkey baster 90 minutes later.

Good luck to all of us!


I’m 2dpo… :pray:


anyone else on progesterone as well? I started mine the day after IUI- they make me soo tired!


DH performed like a champ… We got 25 million swimmies. Go, little guys, go!!! Swim your hearts out!!


Thats awesome SashaJo! How many follicles did you have?


I think I got at least 3 good ones. One huge, two good sized. Feeling like doo doo right now. Discomfort in the lower abdomen. I’ll give this another day and then call the doc if it continues to hurt.


I had my IUI on 4/13 and have been feeling bad since then with terrible cramps. Today I went for my 5 day post IUI acupuncture and the guy said things are looking good (although I don’t know if he really knows anything, but I will take any positive comments I get right now!) Someone told me that the more follies you have the more crampy you get after IUI’s. This is the first time I had more than one - I had 4 good size ones this time, so hopefully that’s a good sign. I’m starting to feel a little better today. I go for bloodwork 4/27 - never has 2 weeks seemed so long!


Played email tag with the nurse today. Apparently the cramping comes from the eggs releasing. I’ll go with that. :slight_smile:


Sounds like we’re both in the same place then! Now lets hope these eggs turn into healthy babies for both of us! So is this your first IUI?


#2. #1 failed last month.

Will move on to IVF after this - but hopefully not.


So how is everyone feeling today? My crampiness finaly went away 10dp IUI, thank goodness. I still get a twinge sometimes so I hope it’s not a cycst. I go for my beta on 4/27 and cannot wait. I have been going back and forth being optimistic and then telling myself not to get my hopes up too much. I’m not sure what I will do if I get another BFN this time. I only got three vials of DS so I guess I will have some thinking to do, but hopefully I won’t have to worry about that!

I hope everyone if feeling good and gets good news soon.


I am 12dpo and had a bfn this morning. I know this month is out. I’m very angry and bitter yet again. Blah…


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a rough day. Hang in there, I’m sure that it will happen for you soon!

My SIL just gave birth to my parents’ first grandchild this morning, so I’m having an emotional day too.

Our time will come!


mizunosport - so sorry to hear of your BFN. I keep fighting against trying a hpt every morning, trying to put off till beta in 4 days but not sure if I will make it.

hopefully - the new baby has to give you mixed emotions. I know it’s been hard for me to be happy for anyone lately.

Yes, we need to remind ourselves daily that our time WILL come!


Just came here to tell I’m so sorry for your negatives. Please don’t be devastated because it won’t help you. I know what I’m talking about. Negative emotions just could cause a lot of troubles and nothing more, please think about anything good. I now it seems to be hard but just try. I have been through a lot of bad in my life and I’m looking for a good sign, I have registered here and I do believe that all ladies here will give us a good support, so just be positive and everything will be okay!
my fingers will be crossed for you and for your BFP! take care over there


Try again! This is the only good answer and a good IVF doctor’s answer will be exactly this. Of course, he may make changes, based on your response, and he will explain these to you. A good doctor will not order a bunch of expensive tests after each IVF failure and doctor will make sure that his patients have realistic expectation about the entire IVF process. If you want to be a mature IVF patient, educate yourself about the process. This will help you to have sensible expectations of IVF treatment. It will protect you from an emotional breakdown; and from unnecessary tests and treatments.
There are clinics, which want to make the IVF treatment a win-win situation. They offer something called a money back guarantee programme. You pay for a certain number of cycles (for example 3 IVF cycles) and if you do not get pregnant within those 3 cycles, they give you back your money. This is a wonderful option, which could help you preserve your peace of mind, at least as regards the financial aspect. So before starting an IVF cycle make sure that your clinic has such an option and ask them whether you qualify for such a programme.
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