Hgg Levels... I Am Pregnant!


had my first hcg today… it is not quite two weeks since my transfer… ( I tested one day early)… my levels were 262… :preg: …anyone have levels like this?


:cheer: Thats a great # !! Congrats on first :bfp: Of Feb


Congrats!! That is a great first beta!


Thanks girls!! does anyone know what is a normal level on day 13?


You can have some fun comparing levels on the betabase: The BetaBase

EDIT: Dates on there are days past ovulation, so count from the day of your retrieval.


Congrats! :clap: Great 1st Beta.


thanks for giving me that info, looks like i am pretty close to the median! thanks again!! fingers crossed it keeps doubling…


Hi Denise,

First, congrats on your :bfp: sending you :bsv:.

Second, my 1st beta 9days after a 5dt was 220 and I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant with twins… So you never know. The most important thing is that beta needs to double.

Good luck.



Congratulations!! It’s a great first beta! My first beta at 14dpIUI was 219 and I’m pregnant with one baby. I thought maybe there’d be two because the numbers were twice as high as with my son, but just one really healthy baby. Praying that your number doubles!!