Hi All... Delayed periods after failed IVF #1


Hi All,

After failed :frowning: IVF in Aug 2013, my periods are late for 7-10 days from past couple of months. We planned to go for FET this month but couldn’t as I haven’t still got it. Does any one have similar kind of issue. My RE said it happens sometimes. Please can one tell me about their experience between IVF & FET.

I am new to posting if there are any errors please excuse me.

Me-31 PGD (genetic disorder)
DH-38 Male infertility

IVF #1 w/ICSI in July 2013

7/4 BCP
7/21 - Lupron
7/31 - Baseline U/S
8/01 - Lupron, Follistim & Menopur
8/12 - Egg Retrieval: 14 eggs, 10 Fertilized
8/17 - Transferred 1 Embryo; 4 Frozen Embryos (happy to get 4 healthy embryos from PGD :clap:)
8/26 - :bfn: :wings:

FET #1
Supposed to start this month.


Hi Panjit, I never did an IVF, but after some failed IUI’s, I wouldn’t get my period for 5-6 days after. I am not an expert, but I always chalked it up to the amount of drugs I was taking…it completely changed my regular (pre-fertility) schedule.


After my fresh cycle, I actually started the day before my beta–making it obvious I had a BFN. With my FET at the end of April, I ended up with a BFP but miscarried a couple weeks later. I didn’t end up having my next AF until the middle of July. I can’t honestly say if my cycle was still messed up after that as I went on depo Lupron which suppressed any cycles I would have had. This whole process can definitely mess with any and every thing!


Thank you all for the reply…By best wishes to you both… Hope my FET #1 works out good.


I think, the late periods are caused by lupron. If you had it in your cycle, you may get late periods (especially, the first one) because lupron shuts down your pituitary, so it is not making FSH or LH needed for your regular cycle during IVF, but the effect seems to linger a lot longer. After my medicated FET (with lupron) my next period took two months to get, and then I had a 5-6 day delay for two months. Then, I had a fresh IVF without lupron, and after that, the period was right on the dot. Hope that helps.