Hi, any surrogates out there?


hi, i am a gestational surrogate looking for others to chat with…any out there?:clap:


Are you familiar with surromomsonline . com? (take out spaces) You will find tons of other surros to chat with there.


thanks, i am but i was checking on here as well


Hello SM’s

Hello Pamelacakes and other SM’s,

I am a 3 time SM and ready to start my 4th journey. You can read my signature and see I have alwways done it back to back. I love and enjoy help couples, whether traditional, single, or gay, to have their families they soooo desire!!! Plus, I love being pregnant and have great pregnancies, all natural and vaginal deliveries!!!

If you would like to chat, please just send me a private message. Many more :bfp: to come!!!