Hi Betas, No Pole and bleeding? So worried!


Hello all,

I’ve been going through this IF journey for some time now. However, recently my DH and I got our first BFP EVER at 9dp5dt! That first beta was 500. Three days later it was up to 1745. Three days later which was last thursday I had my first U/S My RE said that it was still too early at 5 weeks but he confirmed 1 sac. He said that he didn’t want to call two yet because it was just too soon. So we scheduled another appt for this coming Tuesday which is Feb. 4th. This morning I had brown spotting in my underwear and when I went to the bathroom and and whiped after urinating there was a lot of brown dryish blood on the tissue. I had to keep whiping as it seemed to keep coming. There were also small clots. I figured brown was not necessarily bad and that I would relax for the most part and just take it easy. DH took me out to breakfast and as I was getting into the car to come home I suddenly felt something that felt like a good sized clot come out and then wetness. We went right home and I ran into the bathroom to check it out and it thankfully wasn’t as bad as I thought. There was a clot of what seemed like old blood in the toilet and more brown blood in my panties which by now was mixed a little pink and light red. DH took me to the ER and they ended up doing bloodwork as well as a vaginal and i guess transvaginal ultrasound. It was much too soon to see anything with the Transvaginal but the tech noted 2 sacs with the vaginal ultrasound. He said that the age was 5 weeks 2 days and there was no pole yet which was normal. The doctor agreed and told me that my beta is now at 17,149. She seemed pleased and she said that she didn’t see any cause for alarm at all and that i should only be alarmed if the bleeding becomes heavy and red and is accompanied by severe cramps. I don’t know, I just don’t feel good about the bleeding. It’s still brown but I’ve been crampy all day as well. Not majorly so but just a little bit of discomfort. I still have my appointment for Tuesday with my RE but for now I’m just worried that this bleeding will increase. I’m cautiously optimistic about my high betas but I’m not sure what to think… Anyone have a similar situation? I’d love some encouragement right now.

Thanks and blessings to you all,



Are you on cronine? I had a ton of brown (sometimes even black, yuck!) discharge on it, even some red and pink, due to it irritating the cervix. I also had a big bleed at 10 weeks that I went to the ER for thinking I was miscarrying and all was fine and they never could tell where the bleeding originated. My RE warned me that at five weeks they’re just looking for a thickened uterus and they don’t always see even a sack. At my 5 week they saw a sack (and possibly two), but no pole or anything. At my 6 week ultrasound they saw two heartbeats, so it happens fast. Try to take it easy and take comfort that they didn’t find anything wrong (like cervix opening) at the ER. Hope your RE appointment goes well!


Jedi, Thanks so much for sharing! I was beginning to feel a little crazy. Ok more than a little…. Yes, I’m actually on crinone so what you’re saying makes sense. I feel better knowing that i don’t seem to be behind schedule at this point growth wise. Those ultrasounds are so scary. Especially with it being so early. I almost don’t want another one until I’m about 8 weeks but I know I won’t be able to hold out that long lol. It’s just so disheartening when they say they don’t see anything whether that’s normal for 5 weeks or not. Thanks so much for your kindness! DS