Hi everyone! Anyone in between & in their 2ww?


I am currently in between treatment, waiting for a followup appt. I think I ovulated so I am in my 2ww, hoping somehow we got it on our own this month! Clomid while not resulting in bfp seems to have kick started my ovaries. 2 months off Clomid & I think I ovulated both months.
Anyone else 2ww in between treatments?


I’m sort of in between. I had a hysterescopy D&C at the beginning of the month to remove uterine polyps so that I can begin IUI. I ended up ovulating a week after the procedure so we thought we’d give it another try at natural so we’re in 2ww now with AF due next week. If she shows, we’ll begin Clomid and then IUI in June.


Hi Prinny I am praying for you! :babydust:


Thank you! Praying you get your :bfp: soon!


:thankyou: Thanks :slight_smile: Keep me updated :slight_smile: