Hi, Everyone: Need I Advice for Clomid and some Encouraging words


Thought my life had ended when i was diagnosed with PCOS, after reading it causes infertility… i cried for hrs after talking with my doctor… this news was worser news than when i was diagnosed with a Bipolar Disorder i was devastated i felt the end of the world had came… because being a mom is my lifes dream… i see my sisters and brother with there kids and with me knowing i may not have kids i was hurt… i gave up on life its like my life stood still within that moment, then my doctor told me there is help, i went from thinking the worst to feeling hope isnt all lost its a struggle but its good to know im not alone…

Me: 24 - Diagnosed with PCOS 10/2011
Fiancé: 35

TTC since - May 2011
Irregular Periods for 6 yrs
9/19: 1St Prog Test :frowning:

[U]Clomid Round#1 - 50mg CD 5-9 [/U]
10/30: :af:

10/3 - 10/7: CD5-9, 50mg Clomid[INDENT][U]Ovulation Test[/U]
10/3: :bfn: (Mood Swings) :grr:
10/4: :bfn: (Anexity) :eek:
10/5: :bfn: (none) :flower:
10/6: :bfn: (Hot Flashes) :mad:
10/7: :bfn: (Hot Flashes)
10/8 - 10/13: :bfn:
10/14 - 10/18: :bfp: :woohoo:

[/INDENT]11/18: 2nd Prog Test: :pray: ing for a good level…


HI :welcome: !!!

I know its no easy and it can be frustrating but there is HOPE!!! There are a lot of different methods, medications and fertility HELP available today!

don’t give up! this is a great site with a lot of success stories and will inspire you and many people with PCOS have kids - they just use a little bit of help from they drs.

I suggest a good fertility DR and if you have faith in God - he will listen to your prayers, JesusChrist died on the cross for our sins and for our SICKNESS - therefore he promised HEALTH to all that believe in Him.

I will be praying for you :pray: :grouphug: hoping we have :bfp: :clap: sooner than later and that we will get preggers!! :preg:

I am on my first round of Clomid have not ovulated for over a year but I serve Jesus Christ and I BELEIVE in Miracles!!!



Thank you :thankyou: so much for the words of Encouragement, yes o do believe in Jesus Christ, and it’s a slow wait but praying :pray: for a :bfp: soon…