Hi! From little ol New Zealand + a 60 Minutes Story about us and our fertility


Hey guys - I have stumbled across this forum, I like everyone on here and all around the globe had a major struggle with Fertility. We (my wife and I) are one of the lucky ones. I would like to share our story - actually its easier if 60 Minutes do - hopefully you guys up in the North can view it. Here is the link

Cheers Aaron


congenital obstructive azoospermia, the most typical is the bilateral absence of the vas deferens, caused by mutations in the CFTR gene for cystic fibrosis, which represents a minor form. As in other obstructive causes the retrieval of sperm upstream of the barrier often helps pregnant by insemination, IVF or ICSI. The trailing infections can sometimes cause the obstruction of the seminal tract, but also impair sperm. The infection is sometimes coupled to a self-immunization against sperm which lose their fertilizing power.