Hi, I am a newbie from the Bay Area!


[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Hello ladies! I am from the Bay Area. How many of you are from the same place? :slight_smile:

I am 31 years old, never had any child and will start my first ever IVF soon. My husband is healthy, I only have one ovary left and my fallopian tubes are damaged due to the adhesion after a major surgery. I chose Dr. Zouves (I believe some of you might have heard of him), but now I have some concerns and question.

Our insurance actually covers infertility cost. I just figured out Dr. Zouves is out of any network. So we have to pay a lot more if we cycle with him. Some people say my case isn’t so difficult, I have a lot more choices. The reason I chose Dr. Zouves is because I feel his team is very organized. I heard a lot of good things about Nova, but the waiting time is too long. I also contacted 2 other places my OB recommended. But they didn’t give me the energetic impression that Dr. Zouves’ team showed me. I called one of the doctor to ask if I am covered by insurance, they took my card number, and never bothered to call me back.

I was satisfied with Dr. Zouves at the beginning. They tend to be a little pushy, I thought I needed that. But now, I feel like I am not really ready, and they already made the calendar for me. I only got to see Dr. Zouves once, and all the communication was done by the nurses and coordinators. Is this normal in the IVF world? This is the first infertility doctor I ever went, can you ladies share some experiences?

Anyway, does any of you have any other recommendations? And one last question: They said my NK Assay and Th1 cytokines levels are elevated with Dr. Zouves rating them a 3 out of 5. It’s not out of range, just not most ideal. I was told I need to have [/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2] [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]2 intralipid infusions[SIZE=3], at $[SIZE=3]700 for each session. Have any of you done that before? Is it necessary?

Sorry for asking so many question. I feel a little nervous. Hope I can get some advice here. :pray:


Hi, I am actually cycling with Dr.Zouves too. I live in sacramento and I choose him after doing a lot of research.
I have Diminished Ovarain Reserve. He is supposed to have a good stats for that. I called a few REs after my first two failed IVFs. He is good for low responders - which I beleive you wuold be coz you have only one ovary.
I really like the clinic - the only thing is you have to put all your trust in Dr. Zouves. He wont budge on a few things that you would like - and goes by his protocol to do things. Thats the only negative thing there.
As for your elevated NK cells - mine were activiated and it was 1 out 5. So I still need the transfusions. I was checked by Dr. Sher for it too and he also recommended I do that - so I am giogn for it for sure. Dr. Zouves also said I have a slightly elevated blood clotting disorder - I will be using Lovenex for that for my FET.
His protcols are very different from what you see in industry standards. Like the egg freezing cycle - not many clinics do that - because egg freezing is still a very new concept. Like I said before you have to trust him if you want to cycle with him. I cannot say I have been succesful yet but I am still in the middle of my long cycle .

good luck to you. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you Suma! Good to know someone is cycling with the same doctor. I recently read some reviews about him, saying he tends to be very aggressive with medication and stimulation. I don’t know if it’s a good thing. Last time, he found 10 follicles during the ultrasound appointment. That’s without any stimulation. He said he 's happy with the number, consider I only have one ovary. Does that mean I don’t really need a lot of stimulation?


Hi pianissimo

I’m in Marin and just got a :bfp: with Dr.Smikle at Laurel Fertility. You can see all the details in my signature, but I’m 32 and we have a male factor infertility, and this was our first IVF.

I can’t speak to your specific diagnosis, but can say we have been pleased with the staff at Laurel Fertility. It’s a small clinic, which I like better than some of the larger ones out here, b/c we get direct access to Dr.Smikle when we need it, and he personally does all your ultasounds, etc. When we first consulted with him he seemed to take an interst in our case and to really think through suggestions, not just jump right to standard answers. He also was willing to let me a do mini-IVF cycle, which not all clinics will do because the success rates are slightly lower.

I will say to answer your question about coordination, that yes, most of your interaction during the process in general will be with the nurses. That is pretty standard in the IVF world.

Good luck to you!!


I am in Silicon Valley. We are using California conceptions in Davis. Previously we were at Stanford REI which we liked a great deal. Yes, most of our conversations are with nurses or coordinators.


Well AFC of 10 is good. I wouldnt say its excellant. I woud think he would put you on high dose. I beleive I am on the highest which is 600 Iu per day. I will be there this sat for my baseline!!


Thank you all for your reply! ;D
One more question: did any of you do [FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=2][SIZE=3][FONT=Garamond]ICSI[SIZE=3][FONT=Tahoma] and [/FONT][/SIZE]CGH[SIZE=3][FONT=Tahoma]?[/FONT][/SIZE]


Other clinics

Hi, I’m also from the bay area.

I completely agree that a small clinic gives you more access to the doctor. I really liked Lane Fertility because Dr. Lane communicated really well and took the time to explain everything. Meaning, she sat next to me and looked at the results of previous cycles, explaining the nuances of what dosage of medications had likely had what effect. My previous RE at Pacific Fertility Center did not communicate to that level.

Zouves believes in immune issues like NKa cells - but other doctors don’t. Since you have elevated levels it is probably good to see Zouves (or another doctor) who believes in treating this condition. Is there a doctor covered by your insurance who does?

Don’t get pushed into doing an IVF cycle before you are emotionally and physically ready!