Hi, I'm new. And a question!


Hey, ladies! I’m new to the boards.

I guess I’m not really “infertile” but there is no baby daddy in my life and quite frankly, I’m not sure there is going to be one any time soon, so I’m looking at getting an IUI. This leads me to my question. Is there any type of age restriction on this?

I have insurance but IUI’s aren’t covered through my plan. What are the typical costs associated with an IUI, besides the donor sperm? If the RE is willing to use the sperm bank I want, I already have my donor sperm picked out and know that cost, so I’m just wondering what the appointment costs typically are.

Any other useful information would be amazing.

Thank you all and GOOD LUCK!


Welcome! I don’t believe there are age restrictions on getting donor sperm but I’ve never used donor sperm so I don’t know much about it. Are you thinking youre on the young side of things or the old side? I know some REs have restrictions on age…but you should be good to go. IUIs can be fairly cheap…but they can get expensive quickly. My clinic charges $662 for the IUI (sperm wash and insemination). You’ll also have to have at least one ultrasound done which my clinic charges $294. That’s pretty much the cheapest it gets…about $1000. Not too bad, however if you take any pills (such as clomid) or injectibles (like follistim or gonal f) you’ll have to go in for many ultrasounds and bloodwork appointments which can push up the price considerably! I’ve gone to 5 appointments so far so that’s $1500 right there! Plus the cost of medicine…which could be as little as $4 if your insurance covers clomid (my insurance doesn’t cover any infertility stuff but they cover clomid) or it could be as much as a few thousand dollars (for high dose injectibles).

I’m guessing that if you have no infertility issues, you’ll probably take clomid, have one ultrasound…MAYBE two, and have the IUI. So you’re looking at $1000-$1300. Obviously every clinic is different, some are cheaper and some are crazy expensive. Good luck, I hope I was able to give you and idea of what to expect.


My IUI’s only cost 350 plus meds. I wish you luck!!!


That’s what I’m wondering, yeah.


My IUIs also cost $350. If you don’t have IF you may not need drugs or monitoring. Honestly I would try a regular OB first. REs tend to be a little excessive on price and insisting more medication or monitoring is needed. I have my IUI through my OB and so far it has worked out fine. He’s also willing to come in on weekends and holidays if needed so that is nice. I know he also works with DS there because he had a liquid nitrogen tank there and I asked him what it was for.


It really depends on your case. Like others said before, they might start you out on Clomid. However, if you’re older, they might start you on injections right away, which are more expensive. I started on 100mg Clomid and that cost me $15 the first month (after insurance). I had to do 2 ultrasounds before the IUI, then the IUI (which was like $480 for insemination & sperm wash, my insurance covers it and I pay like $30 Co-Pay & Co-Insurance), plus you have to do some bloodwork which is not cheap (not sure exactly how much, I am thinking $200 total) and then you go for another u/s 1 week after IUI to make sure you’ve ovulated, you might be put on Prometrium after the IUI which is cheap (I think I paid like $20 for 60 pills a’ 100mg). You might also need an Ovidrel Booster shot right before the IUI (my insurance charged me $35 for it, I know some people pay way more, like $150).

This month, I upped my Clomid dose and added Gonal-F injections, which were expensive. I ended up paying $200 for 900iu of Gonal-F.

So it really depends. I suggest you call your RE office and get someone on the phone that can tell you how much they charge for the IUI, blood test, ultrasound & meds.

Good Luck!:babydust:


My insurance doesn’t cover anything either. I think my RE is rather cheap in comparison to some of the others. I am also using donor sperm.

If you are using donor sperm you will have to get an infectious disease panel of tests done. My insurance did pay for these, but had it not my RE charges $300. This panel is required by law if you are using donor sperm. I am not sure how much my initial consult and workup was b/c my insurance picked that up.

For this cycle I was on Clomid 50mg ($8), I had 2 u/s to monitor ($110 a piece), Trigger shot ($47), IUI ($140), Donor Sperm ($275), Prometrium ($50).

I think all offices vary widely in what they charge. I saw a different RE first (that I hated) and their prices were significantly higher than what I am paying now.

Good luck!


I live in a high cost of living, and these were my costs for my first IUI. This doesn’t include the diagnostic testing I’ve had, which has run about $1500. I am 100% out of pocket, insurance has covered ZERO of my costs, so these are the rates for cash-pay patients.

CD4 baseline u/s (to check for cysts and look at my follies)- $110

100mg Clomid for 5 days - $36

CD12 u/s (to check follie progress, lining VERY THIN) - $110

CD14 u/s - $110 (follie progress, lining better, but still thin, more estrogen added)

CD15 u/s - $110 (follie progress, lining is NOW good enough to proceed with trigger shot and IUI)

Trigger shot + cost to have clinic do it (priceless) (trigger shot so that doctor could more accurately pinpoint ovulation and best time the IUI) - $108.95

CD16 IUI (includes ultrasound, sperm wash, sperm prep, and IUI) - $260

TOTAL: $844.95


OCWife2010 ~ We have similar prices at our clinics. Where do you live? I am in Missouri.


[QUOTE=SilvereLyning]OCWife2010 ~ We have similar prices at our clinics. Where do you live? I am in Missouri.[/QUOTE]

I’m in Orange County, CA! This clinic is SO MUCH less than the other 2 that are also highly regarded. I was very pleasantly surprised. I mean honestly, the other clinic was basically twice as much for the IUIs and ultrasounds!


Yeah the first clinic I went to charged $300 for the IUI and $200 per u/s. Plus the RE was an *******!!!


[QUOTE=SilvereLyning]Yeah the first clinic I went to charged $300 for the IUI and $200 per u/s. Plus the RE was an *******!!![/QUOTE]

I have seriously seen prices all across the board. Here is the other RE that we were going to go to, but the cost difference was just WAY too much:

  • u/s 250 apiece
  • IUI + sperm prep + sperm wash 685
  • IUI + sperm prep + sperm wash 685 (if back to back IUI is needed)
  • CD21 progesterone check 65
  • beta + progesterone check 130
    They estimated about 1700-1800 for a single cycle of IUI, probably more if more u/s are needed



My IUI’s cost $550 each (for the sperm washing and insemination). The ultrasounds were covered by insurance. I didn’t take any meds other then the trigger (Ovidrel) which cost 20 dollars. If you ovulate naturally each month you don’t need the meds. It will help cut the cost. Good Luck :babydust::babydust::babydust:


I don’t know if there are age restrictions for IUIs when you have no known issues. I know that, for women with fertility problems, they usually say that IUIs aren’t as effective over 40. But, like I said, I don’t know if that’s just with infertility problems.

As for the cost, it would depend on whether you have to do meds with the IUI. I’ve been doing Clomid with IUI and I have to pay for 2 u/s, an IUI (sperm wash and procedure), meds, and then a blood pregnancy test. My first cycle I had more bloodwork so the cost was a bit higher. Since I pay out-of-pocket, my clinic has a reduced rate for that. U/s are $181 a piece and the IUI (wash and procedure) is about $350. My meds were about $40. If you use injectibles, your cost will increase because meds are much more expensive.

As for going to an gyn for an IUI, I wouldn’t do that myself because they aren’t usually in the habit of doing IUIs. Some gyns do it, but most don’t - at least not on a regular basis. I would want to have mine done by someone who does this regularly. So, at the very least, I would make sure your gyn has experience doing them.


Your best course of action really, really depends on your age. If you are 26, you have precious time. So you can go for a couple-three cheaper, less medicated/monitored rounds and if they work, great. If you are over 40, you really don’t want to waste time: it’s not that you’re too old to conceive, but that IUI has a small chance of success and that IVF six months later has a reduced chance of success. Also, if you are over 35, I wouldn’t screw around with an ob/gyn. If there’s anything unusual going on, they won’t catch it, and that could easily cost you six months.


My costs are:
Clomid $5
Estradiol $5
Ovidrel $92
Prometrium $5
IUI $400 (my insurance is supposed to pay half of this, but has not so far, they are jerking me around on technicalities.)
All office visits and ultrasounds are covered by my insurance.


It ended up costing us about $800 for our first cycle. I used femara, hcg trigger, and then 3 ultrasounds, plus the cost of the iui! Hope it helps! and GOOD LUCK!



[QUOTE=OCWife2010]I’m in Orange County, CA! This clinic is SO MUCH less than the other 2 that are also highly regarded. I was very pleasantly surprised. I mean honestly, the other clinic was basically twice as much for the IUIs and ultrasounds![/QUOTE]

Hi OCWife! I’m in Orange County, as well. Can I ask which clinics you looked into; which is the expensive one and which was the cheaper? I’m currently doing acupuncture with chinese herbs. I started with my acupuncturist 3 weeks ago and will probably stay with him for four cycles, and if nothing happens, then we’ll move onto an RE. I found this acupuncturist online and apparently he works “miracles”. The online reviewers (independent from his website) claim that he’s helped achieve pregnancy in women that have had one or more failed IUI’s and IVF’s. Regardless, I’m hopeful, but still thinking ahead. I would love to know what clinics you’ve looked into. My OBGYN recommended I go to Southern California for Reproductive Medicine.