High Beta - Should I Worry?


Hi all,

I’ve been reading and getting hope from all of you, but haven’t posted yet, but now I’m really concerned and I need people who understand.

I just had my beta at 17dpt and it is 804! Should I worry? I’ve been researching molar pregnancies so now I’m scared to hope. This is our second cycle, two embryos transferred.

I haven’t figured out how to make all the little graphics, but will work on it.

Thank you for any feedback!!!


Don’t worry your beta sounds great. It’s definitely not too high, especially for 17dpt. As a comparison, my beta was 708 and that was 17 days past ovulation (didn’t do IVF) and everything is going fine.

You’re probably just used to seeing a lot of lower beta numbers from people who get it done 14dpo.

So your numbers are perfect - congrats on your pregnancy :preg: !!


Thanks! I guess there’s always something to worry about.


Sounds like a nice solid beta number to me. Congrats!