High first beta; second not double


Just got the call from the nurse and I’m trying not to freak out. I was over the moon on Monday when we learned that we had a BFP and a high beta (1057 14dpt) .

I was thinking maybe there was an embryo split and that today we’d get another high number. Well, that hope was dashed when I learned that I didn’t even double. At 16dpt it is 1678.

Does anyone have experience with such a high first beta (especially with one embryo transfer) and then it not doubling in 48 hours. (My test time was exactly 48 hours later.)


After you reach the 1000+ level, doubling times decrease dramatically to about 72-96 hours. Sounds like you’re doing great!


Your numbers seem perfect for being over 1000 as they dbl every 72-96 hrs and your doubeling time is 71.99 Hrs! Good luck and try not to stress too much. When are you going back?


I am really trying to be relaxed. You really think this is okay?

I go back Friday for the third beta.


I agree with the others - your beta’s seem just fine. Good Luck!


Thanks, ladies! I feel so much better. I wonder why the nurse didn’t tell me any of this…

If she wasn’t always so syrupy sweet and optimistic, then I would know when I do and do not have to worry. She gave me the whole “this isn’t ideal” line with the “but it might be fine; let’s just wait and see on Friday.”

Okay, I am breathing now.


I agree with the other ladies that the higher your beta gets…the slower it doubles. Good luck to you!!!


Well, despite your suggestions not to, I continue to stress. I am happy to report that I have a break from that, as I just got my third beta and it was 3437. Yay.

So 1057 (14dpt), 1767 (16dpt), and 3437 (18dpt). I am headed to u/s #1 one week from today. Big sigh of relief.

Thanks for your support and advice! It really helped.