High FSH and IUI


I am 29 years old and we have been TTC for 5+ years. I had an early miscarriage about 3 years ago, but nothing since. I started going to an RE a few months ago. He put me on clomid and did a series of blood tests. Everything was normal, except my FSH was elevated. 12.5 on one day and 19.8 on another. Can these levels vary from cycle to cycle? The RE was not negative, but not necessarily positive either. My husband checked out normal on all of his tests. We are trying IUI this cycle (probably go in Dec 10 or 11). I know success rates are not high for the first time especially on the first try. I feel so discouraged!! Is too much focus put on one cycle with a FSH level?


Do not get discourage… I also have a high FSH (around 12 or 13). My husband and I were very lucky, and we got pregnant with our first IUI. Once I found out that I had a high FSH, I started acupuncture and drank wheatgrass. I’m not sure if they helped, but I will start them up again when we decide to have a second child.



Hang in there, high fsh does not mean you are infertile, but maybe just need a boost. I also did accupuncture and some herbs (while not on IF meds) to help. I have heard this can sometimes improve the fsh. I did not have success with IUI, but many do. I had success my first IVF- best wishes!



Thanks for your replies. I’m trying to be positive and not worry–I know that’s important, but it’s the hardest thing. Especially, when my sister, cousins, and friends get pregnant so easily.

I have checked into the wheat germ and Chinese herbs.


IUI This Week

I should go in for my first IUI on Thursday. I am trying to be positive, but realistic–easier said than done.

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Hi -

I have unexplained infertility…and one thing they thought it would be was diminished ovarian reserve. They test my FSH every cycle (highest was 9.6)…but they also did an antral follicle count (to see how many follicles there could be on day 3 - via ultrasound) and they tested my anti mullarne (sp) hormone. The Anti-Mullarne Hormone (they told me) is the most accurate measure of ovarian reserve.

Perhaps suggest these additional tests - to interpret your high FSH?

It turned out I was “normal” on all these scales, so they still are unsure of my issue. But perhaps it will shed light on yours.