High FSH, normal LH


What does it mean if I have higher than normal FSH (17,6) but normal LH (8,7) on my cycle day 3. I just received these results.
5 years ago my FSH was 15 and LH wasn’t tested then. My doctor didnt think of it as a problem and after that I had a successful IVF with 5 retrieved eggs.
If my FSH has risen 2,6 units in 5 years time does it mean I won’t have successful IVF-s anymore? Or isn’t that rise that significant? I’m in my mid 30s.

I know that when LH is high but FSH normal then people have PCOS, but my case is exactly the opposite. What does this mean for me when FSH is twice the LH amount?


If the ovary has many eggs. The FSH in a woman’s blood is low because the body doesn’t need to work hard to get a normal ovulation. If the egg number is low. The body needs to work harder to get ovulation. So it increases the amount of FSH in an effort to push the ovaries. A high FSH means the egg number is reduced. Sometimes to levels so low that pregnancy is not possible. What is a good level? That depends on each individual lab and IVF program. For most centers, anything over 12 is considered not so good. In fact, some centers will not give fertility treatment to those over 12 because the odds of pregnancy become very low. Some doctors say once there is one elevated FSH, it’s over. This is not true. FSH levels go up and down from cycle to cycle. So one elevation, along with other levels that are in the normal range, does not mean sterility. So in your case. The FSH is way too high. That is the reason the doctor had an issue with it. But it can lower with time.