HIGH FSH-what was your protocol? Did it work?


Please share your story of your struggles with high fsh by answering the following questions and adding a little more if you’d like!

Current FSH Number? ____________

Protocol of Meds? _______________

How many cycles? _______________

Were you successful? ______________

What have you been blessed with boy/girl? ____________


Current FSH Number? _10.4 (but slightly elevated E2)

Current AMH: 0.67

Protocol of Meds? _1 IUI with clomid, 2 IUIs with Follistime, and now - Antagonist IVF

How many cycles? __see above -this is first cycle IVF

Were you successful? Not yet, but I darn well plan to be.

What have you been blessed with?: A wonderful DH, family, health (except this) and hope.


Current FSH Number?

Protocol of Meds?
Next cycle: menopur 150 twice/day
previous: clomid x 5; femara x 3 with 2 bfp

How many cycles?
ttc since 09/2008; 8 medicated

Were you successful? ______________
twice with femara, but early m/c with bith

What have you been blessed with boy/girl?
not any that i can hold in my arms…this cycle, I’m feeling it!