High FSH


I had a blood test on day 3 of my cycle. My FSH came back as 11.00. What does that mean???


That means that your body is working a little bit harder to get you to ovulate. As we age, we have to produce more follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in order to mature our follicles and ovulate than we used to.

11 is high-ish, but not crazy high.


From what I understand while not ideal you are not in the terrible zone, maybe just start to be more aggresive in your pregnancy attempts.


I thought this website explained FSH well:

Day 3 FSH Fertility Test of Ovarian Reserve


Your FSH is not too bad. Mine was 9.7 before I conceived #1. My repeat was 23 when she was 9 months old. It is now 46 7 months later. So, having said that, most peoples don’t jump that high that quickly. (lucky me). It’s just something to keep in mind… Despite my high FSH, I am not giving up. I found a great community of supportive women who have given me a tremendous amount of hope that I will have another child. There are many, many people who conceive without drugs. Here is a link that may give you wome hope.

How to Conceive After Miscarriage: Understanding Unexplained Infertility

Low AMH and Pregnancy (AMH is similar to the FSH indicator RE’s use.

Best of luck to you.