High TNF alpha : Ayurveda treatment


[QUOTE=“Khwabm, post: 1871103, member: 88351”]Hi aisha
Guess what??
This is a happy new year for me dear because
You are a gem aisha.
How could you predict it so early?
I feel like hugging you.
I don’t know how to react.
I wasn’t expecting this so soon,
And this sounds no less than a miracle to me.
this means , amh rose and an healthy follicle was formed.
Immune response got corrected , so may be
thats why my energy levels were also good.

I am left with no words to thank dr uppal for this herculean task.
He’s awesome

Now i ll go for my beta hcg blood report tomorrow and will let you know soon.
Good bye aisha[/QUOTE]

Hi Khwabm
Thats grrrt news
I did no big prediction it was just a wild guess cos i have heard a couple of ladies experience this cramping just before their BFP.
Anyways you plz stay cool and careful.
Dont get overexcited
Get your blood reports done
Just want to tell you , this is a blessing from god. Take in that sense and don’t forget to thank god first and then all the people who helped you reach this goal.
And take everybody’s wishes and blessings.
See ya